Publications from 2018

Vulnerability Politics: The Uses and Abuses of Precarity in Political Debate, Katie Oliviero

Publications from 2016


LGBTQ Sport and Leisure, Katherine Schweighofer


Rethinking the Closet: Queer Life in Rural Geographies, Katherine Schweighofer

Publications from 2015


Fat Chance: The Line Between Health and Shame is Becoming Increasingly Thin, Amy Erdman Farrell


'“When I Was Growing Up My Mother Cooked Dinner Every Single Day”: Fat Stigma and the Significance of Motherblame in Contemporary United States, Amy Erdman Farrell

Publications from 2014

UNC Staff with PhDs Seek Support for Research, Donna M. Bickford and Anne M. Whisnant


The Altac Track: Carving Out a New Professional Space for PhDs in Academe, Donna M. Bickford and Anne Mitchell Whisnant


Fat Shame: A Conversation with Author Amy Farrell, Amy Erdman Farrell

Transfeminist Psychology, Megan R. Yost and T. Evan Smith

Publications from 2013

A Move to Bring Staff Scholars Out of the Shadows, Donna M. Bickford and Anne Mitchell Whisnant

Psychosocial Influences on Bisexual Women's Body Image: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality, Jennifer F. Chmielewski and Megan R. Yost


Academia's Anti-Fat Problem, Amy Erdman Farrell

The Graduate Research Consultant Program: Embedding Undergraduate Research Across the Curriculum, Patricia J. Pukkila, Martha S. Arnold, Aijun Anna Li, and Donna M. Bickford

Playing with Power: Women and Gender in BDSM Sexualities, Megan R. Yost

Blurring the Line Between Researcher and Researched in Interview Studies: A Feminist Practice?, Megan R. Yost and Jennifer F. Chmielewski

Publications from 2012


We All Like to Think We've Saved Somebody: Sex Trafficking in Literature, Donna M. Bickford

2012 Presidential Election: The Students Want to Know, Douglas Edlin, Michael J. Fratantuono, Stephanie Gilmore, Andrew T. Wolff, and Andrew Chelsey

Feminism Made Me Brave: Connections and Complexities Among Feminist Fat Activists, Amy Erdman Farrell and Lynn McAfee

Teaching Fat Studies: From Conception to Reception, Patti Lou Watkins, Amy Erdman Farrell, and Andrea Doyle Hugmeyer

BDSM Practitioners’ Understandings of Their Initial Attraction to BDSM Sexuality: Essentialist and Constructionist Narratives, Megan R. Yost and L. E. Hunter

Girls Gone Wild? Heterosexual Women's Same-Sex Encounters at College Parties, Megan R. Yost and Lauren McCarthy


When Does It Cross the Line? College Women's Perceptions of the Threshold Between Normal Eating and Eating Disorders, Megan R. Yost and Laura A. Smith

Gender and Binegativity: Men's and Women's Attitudes Toward Male and Female Bisexuals, Megan R. Yost and Genéa D. Thomas

Publications from 2011


Essay Defending OCR Letter on Colleges and Sexual Assault, Donna M. Bickford, Brenda Bethman, Michelle Issadore, and Michelle Kroner

Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture, Amy Erdman Farrell

From a Tarantula on a Banana Boat to a Canary in a Mine: Ms. Magazine as a Cautionary Tale in a Neoliberal Age, Amy Erdman Farrell

Narrating Rural Lesbian Lives: Body Image and Lesbian Community in Central Pennsylvania, Megan R. Yost and Jennifer Chmielewski

Assessing LGBTQ Campus Climate and Creating Change, Megan R. Yost and Stephanie Gilmore

Publications from 2010

Development and Validation of the Attitudes About Sadomasochism Scale, Megan R. Yost

Publications from 2009


'"The White Man's Burden": Female Sexuality, Tourist Postcards, and the Place of the Fat Woman in Early 20th-Century U.S. Culture, Amy Erdman Farrell

'Like, Get Over It!': On 'Getting' and 'Getting Over' Sexuality in the Classroom, Tara E. Smith and Megan R. Yost

Publications from 2008

Attentive to Difference: Ms. Magazine, Coalition Building, and Sisterhood, Amy Erdman Farrell

Publications from 2006

Gender Differences in the Enactment of Sociosexuality: An Examination of Implicit Social Motives, Sexual Fantasies, Coercive Sexual Attitudes, and Aggressive Sexual Behavior, Megan R. Yost and Eileen L. Zurbriggen

Publications from 2005

Claiming Afghan Women: The Challenge of Human Rights Discourse for Transnational Feminism, Amy Erdman Farrell and Patrice McDermott

Publications from 2004

Power, Desire, and Pleasure in Sexual Fantasies, Eileen L. Zurbriggen and Megan R. Yost