Volume 1, Issue 1 (1928)

Thalia is an entertainment and humor magazine published by Dickinson College students in Carlisle, PA from 1928 to 1929. These students published four issues between June 1928 and February 1929.

Highlights in this issue:

Gaiety / by Harold W. Weigel

Nonchalant Collegiatism

Fame's Humor Page / contributions from Governor O. H. Simpson, Louisiana and Governor A. Harry Moore, New Jersey

A Senior's View of the Future

Stage Page

Complete Issue


Wm. H. Gerlach

Business Manager

Delbert T. Kirk


Honorable O. H. Simpson, Governor of Louisiana
Honorable A. Harry Moore, Governor of New Jersey
Geneva Reigel
Florence Riefle
Lane Forman
Robert Sheaffer
Walter Gabell Jr.
Victor B. Hanna
Roy Tolliver
Harold W. Weigel
Claude C. Bowman