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Catalog of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, January 28 - March 5, 2005.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Professor Sharon L. Hirsh, Dickinson College.

The works in this exhibition individually reveal the variety of techniques, imagery, and materials that have been used over the past fifty years to produce prints that are both stimulating and striking. Seen together, however, these prints also elucidate the complexity of the concept of the print itself: for centuries considered to be images on paper that were multiply produced, prints since the middle of the last century have considerably outgrown that earlier definition, to the point of provoking controversy about prints as well as raising important questions about the nature of originality.[from Introduction by Sharon Hirsh]

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Sharon L. Hirsh

Helen Siegl, A Rooster, 1953 / by Sarah Burger

Mauricio Lasansky, Self Portrait, 1957 / by Danielle M. Gower

Warrington Colescott, Aldgate East, 1967 / by Saman Khan

Pablo Picasso, Young Spanish Peasant, 1970 / by Ryan McNally

Rupert Garcia, Calavera Crystal Ball, 1992 / by Sarah Burger

Edna Andrade, Yellow Bounce, 1971 / by Danielle M. Gower

Sante Graziani, The Lady and Her Gown, 1967 and Drawing of the Lady and Her Gown, 1967 / by Nora M. Mueller

Peter Milton, Victoria’s Children, 1967 / by Erin E. Mounts

Armand Fernandez Arman, Untitled, 1977 / by Nora M. Mueller

Roy Lichtenstein, This Must Be The Place, 1965 / by Blair H. Douglas

Karel Appel, Head on Water, Blue Animal with Sunshine Head, Moving in Blue, 1980 / by Saman Khan

Richard Ash, The Dawn of My Time, 1968 / by Blair L. Harris

Romare Bearden, The Family, 1974 / by Blair H. Douglas

James G. Davis, Nancy, 1969 / by Heather J. Tilton

Roberto Matta, United Snakes of America, 1975 / by Ryan McNally

Sister Mary Corita Kent, Be of Love # 4, 1963 / by Alison Buinicky

Georg Baselitz,Mädchen mit Harmonika IV (Girl with Concertina IV), 1988 / by Heather J. Tilton

Mark Bulwinkle, Beast Meets the Prime Minister of Maine, c. 1991 / by Laura D. Heffelfinger

Jean Dubuffet, Insouciance (Carelessness), 1961 / by Michelle E. Garman

Robert Rauschenberg, Surface Series, 1970 / by Blair L. Harris

Betye Saar, Mystic Sky with Self Portrait, 1992 / by Laura D. Heffelfinger

Benjamin Levy, Two Nudes, 1971 / by Alison Buinicky

Bernard Childs, Frumenti (Wheat), 1955 / by Alexandra Thayer

Jane Freilicher, Landscape, 1975 / by Alexandra Thayer

Bram Bogart, Trois Images, 1989 / by Michelle E. Garman

Yoshio Hayakawa, Still Life (Wrapping Paper), n.d. / by Erin E. Mounts