The Italian Diaspora in South America

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Italian Studies


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This website is the work of the Spring 2020 Italian Studies senior seminar at Dickinson College. This course was taught by Tullio Pagano, Associate Professor of Italian.

The course focused on the influence of Italian people, culture, and practices in South America. This website represents the diverse array of students' research findings, which are presented in both Italian and English.


Integralismo Brasiliano [Brasilian Integralism] / by Calvin Bader

Gli Italiani in Venezuela [Italians in Venezuela] / by Maya Harvey

Gli Italiani a Mendoza: Una Storia Legata al Vino [Italians in Mendoza: A Story of Wine]/ by Natura Sant Foster

L'influenza del Fascismo in Argentina [Fascism's Influence in Argentina] / by Annaliese Tucci

Calciatori Oriundi [Oriundi Players] / by Odalis Almendarez Piña

L'influenza Italiana sul Teatro Argentino [Italian Influence on Argentinian Theatre] / by Sophia Scorcia

Il Cibo Italiano in America del Sud [Italian Food in South America] / by Cormac Stevens

L'immigrazione Italiana Nell'Uruguay [Italian Immigration in Uruguay] / by Sean Dowd