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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, April 27 - May 20, 2012.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Ward Davenny, Dickinson College.

The title of this exhibition, The Necessity of a Wandering Consciousness, comes from a chapter by the social psychologist Daniel Wegner, in a book entitled The Scientific Approaches to Consciousness. Wegner’s text deals with the process by which the mind focuses and jumps, particularly as related to visual stimulus; conscious attentiveness is often at its most elusive when one tries to control it too much. [from Introduction by Ward Davenny]

Introduction / by Ward Davenny

Untitled- Steel- wire, aluminum, Untitled- conduit, and Untitled- bronze/ by Megan Alley

Forest of Estelles, Untitled, and Touch / by May Beattie

Group, Smile, Holding, and Tilted / by Rena Collector

Emily, Andrew, and Anna / by Jennifer Crowley

Untitled- oil paint, Untitled- ink print, and Untitled- oil paint / by Samantha Stahl

Works in Progress Exhibition- Opening Reception