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The Information Age is in full swing and its impact is upon on us. The rapid dissemination of information is rocking the power structure of the world in a way we have never seen before. Geoinformation thus emerges as a new geopolitical branch that shines the spotlight on the significance of the infosphere and its most important sub-region, cyberspace, in the formulation of grand strategy in our era. A true great power must now learn to control the three spaces of the world: the geostrategic, geoeconomic and geoinformational map. Each geography of governance has its own grammar of actions, and a state that knows how to advance national interests in three arenas will reach the ultimate domination of space and get to chart the globe in its image.

As the birthplace of the Internet, the “information superhighway” in cyberspace, the United States has long dominated the map of geoinformation. But its status as the information empire is consistently challenged as other actors cry for a new balance of information and attempt at reshaping the architecture of the infosphere. A new great game for influence is underway, and the United States needs to reassess its place in the new world to bring this game to an end that is favorable for all.