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International Studies



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Review of International Studies


Given current events in Eastern Europe (the Ukraine Conflict) and the Middle East (the Syria Conflict), as well as recent aggressive foreign policy trends towards Latin American countries, Russian interventionism can be better seen and analyzed. Recent Russian policy initiatives across Latin America have seen increased reciprocation by Latin American states to Russian advances in economic and political spheres. Both Russia and Latin America strive for increased economic prosperity and regional power, as well as a multipolar international system in which they could achieve these national interests. At the same time, the U.S. has continued to lack a serious presence in the region, assuming the security of its influence in Latin America. Realism, specifically the notions of geopolitics and national security, best illustrates these recent developments, and should be explored to understand how Russian intervention in Latin America could affect the future of the US and the world in the international arena, as well as the current shortcomings of US policy in the region.