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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, April 29- May 21, 2016.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Ward Davenny, Dickinson College.

Both meanings of Eidolon are apropos to the work of these young artists. Narrative is not only found in a linear mode, but common to all the art is an awareness, presence, and molding of the past. Buried within each piece are particular histories of material, process, and imagery that unfold slowly, and yield echoes of previous states. There is certainly a sense of something apparitional, for the pieces have life, but live in a world of their own, and as one looks more closely, what is first read as definitive tends to dissipate into things less definable. In veiled figures, in translucent layerings, in the re-purposing of stuff , in the filtering through memory, through changing light, meticulously observed color, recalled sounds—all evoke and bear traces of their own past. [taken from introduction by Ward Davenny]

Table of Contents

Collapse, 2016, Void, 2016, Smother, 2016, Lost, 2016, Phantom, 2016, and Yield, 2016 / by Kathryn Cargill

Untitled, 2016, Linger, 2015, I could not catch him, 2015, and Volo Tangere, 2016 / by Joelle Cicak

L’Ala, 2016, Free Speech, 2016, internal, external, 2016, L’Arte Nascosta, 2016, Nocturnal, 2016, Luna Calante, 2016, Anonymous, 2016, Blossom, 2016, and CO2, 2016 / by Micah Corso-Phinney

You shall listen to all sides and filter them from your self, 2016, and plunged your tongue to my bare-stript heart, 2016, Battles are lost in the same spirit in which they are won, 2015, The smoke of my own breath (Echoes, ripples, buzz’d whispers, love-root, silk-thread, crotch, and vine) 2015, Voices of cycles of preparation and accretion, 2016, and Deluding my confusion with the calm, 2015 / by Jess Fleisch

Absent Mindings (Shires Dreaming Wine), 2016, Collecting, Retrospecting (Influx), 2016, Reverie (Had I Been Awake), 2016, Filterings (A Gazing Out From Far Away, Alone), 2016, Change: Flashbulb (Inquisitive of Air), 2016 / by Jana Ismail

Untitled, 2015, Thinking About Doing It, 2015, Keep It Together, 2015, Watch It, 2015, Hold It In, 2015, Blurring Blue Circle, 2015, Blue Gas, 2015 / by Lucas Kang

Labor, 2016, Liminai, 2016, Wait, 2016 / by Yuan Lin

Emerging, 2016, Figure Study: isolation, anger, depression, 2016, Still In Silence, 2016 / by Crysanthe Maggidis

Cyclops, 2016, Dusty, Loveless Ends, 2016, Rest Room Arguments, 2016, Some Perversity, Some Ancient Hope, 2016, Weight Transfer, 2015, Guilt I Can’t Define, 2016 / by Stephan Sieg

Robotized fashion 4, 2016, Robotized fashion 5, 2016, Public perception, 2016, Robotized fashion 1, 2016, Robotized fashion 3, 2016, Robotized fashion 12, 2016, Robotized fashion 16, 2016, Fabric manipulation, 2015 / by Samantha Siegfried

Semaphorism, 2016, Enouement, 2016, Exulansis, 2016, Anemoia, 2016, Kudoclasm, 2016, Avenoir, 2016 / by Peter Stefanowicz

In Need for Heat, 2016, Mountain Xiangshan, 2016, Chicago, 2016, Figure #1, 2016, Figure #2, 2016, Figure #4, 2016, Figure #3, 2016 / by Libin Wang

Café Romeo, 2016, Thoughts on Marriage, 2016, Arcade Rodeo, 2016, Showroom, 2015, Roadside Rodeo, 2016, Catch and release, 2016, Rooftop Rodeo, 2016, Routine, 2016, Self-Portrait, 2016 / by Lizzie Wilford