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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, April 24- May 16, 2015

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Anthony Cervino, Dickinson College.

The title of this exhibition directly refers to the Magic 8-Ball, a popular fortune-telling toy. “Concentrate and Ask Again” is one of the predictive answers the object displays when shaken, presumably in answer to a question. Although intended to be humorously vague, the Magic 8-Ball reference evokes the critical processes of an artist. An active and successful studio practice requires a constantly evaluative process of posing and reposing questions about the work being created. Whether framed by critiques with mentors, conversations with peers, or simply personal reflection, the constant act of “concentrating and asking again” in the studio is essential to art making. Have these eight students produced a sincere and reflective body of artwork? All Signs Point to Yes! [taken from introduction by Anthony Cervino]

Table of Contents:

Outlook Good / by Anthony Cervino

where, 2015, The Object of Choice, 2015, and various charcoal drawings / by Meghan Abercrombie

Feretory, 2015, Gaze, 2015, and Relic, 2015 / by Anna Ersenkal

Eyes of Determination, 2015, Haunted Past, 2015, A Sturdy Hand, 2015, Party at my Place, 2015, Mother and Child, 2015, and Looking Back on the Future, 2015 / by Jenna Hess

Self-portrait, 2015, Flush, 2015, Armor, 2015, Artificial Flavor Not Included, 2015, Armor detail, 2015, and Gungling, 2015 / by Lauren Holtz

Main Event, 2015, Two Sides of the Same Face, 2015, Daddy’s Little Girl, 2015, and Rounded forms balanced in space, 2015 / by Shelby Kalamar

Dear Diary #2, 2015, Mise en Abyme, 2015, Originators, 2015, Critter grid detail, 2015, and Concentration detail, 2015 / by Cassandre Lier

untitled no. 7, 2015, polaroids as object: example, and various other untitled photographs / by Molly Thorne

Do Not Disturb, 2015, Collection, 2015, Joint Custody, 2015, and 4670, 2015 / by Carley Zarzeka