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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, February 18 - April 16, 2011.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Phillip Earenfight, Dickinson College.

Neither the realm of art history nor history, satirical prints are frequently used simply to illustrate a point that had already been made through the analysis of other images or texts, but were not interrogated and analyzed on the basis of their own merits as a hybrid image-text object. However, over the past few decades, academic scholars and museum curators have looked more closely at satirical prints in their own right and have yielded rich and textured results. In organizing the exhibition and catalogue, Bawdy Brits and West End Wit: British Satirical Prints of the Georgian Era, the goal is to build upon recent developments in the scholarship of satirical prints, considering the works on their own terms and from a variety of angles. [from introduction by Philip Earenfight]

Table of Contents

Introduction / by Phillip Earenfight.

From Britannia to Bull: The Embodiment of Englishness / by Emily Ann Bastian.

Quacks Among Quackery: Medicine and Satirical Prints in Georgian London / by Christy Lee Gray.

High Art in Low Art: An Exploration of Fine Art References in British Satirical Prints / by Aimee Lynn Laubach.

Lustful Consumption: Prostitution in the Satirical Prints of Georgian London / by Emily Sarah Maran.

Promis'd Horrors: Reactions to Napoleon in British Satirical Prints and Francisco Goya's Los Desastres de la Guerra Series / by Matthew Gary Morowitz.

Hannah Humphrey, Print Seller of Georgian London / by Allison Marie Schell.

Reading the Laughs: The Humor of Text in Prints of the Georgian Era / by Carey Elizabeth Stadnick.

Classical Themes and Motifs in the British Satirical Prints of the Georgian Era / by Margaret Jeanne Staudter.

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense: Censorship of British Satirical Prints in the Georgian Era / by Laura Ives Wilson.

Golden Age of Hairdressers: The Portrayal of Hair in Caricature of the Georgian Era / by Lauren Elizabeth Woodcock.

In with the Old Comedy: Satirical Prints in Georgian London and Connections to Ancient Greek Satire / by Kathryn Grace Zell.