Studio Girls

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Exhibition Catalog

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Art & Art History




Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, April 29 - July 2, 2005.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Ward Davenny, Dickinson College.

No matter how surprising the outcome, the internal process of making art is evolutionary, shaped by intuition and logic.With any such long-term process, it can be difficult to assign beginnings or endings, but for these young artists, this exhibition and catalogue represent both.The sometimes agonizing arrival at a “finished product” begs the start of the next cycle. For now, only these materials, applied in these specific ways, co-exist, enhance, and help define their ideas.This is accomplished and provocative work that expresses ideas through the range of choices available to a contemporary artist. The catalogue and exhibition document moments in the work of the senior studio art majors. “STUDIO GIRLS” refers to the members of the senior art majors seminar, all of whom happen to be women.