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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, April 10- April 25, 2009 and May 1- June 13, 2009.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Todd Arsenault, Dickinson College.

Liminal is a nuanced word that can, by definition, have slightly varied meanings. In reference to a work of art, it is a word most often used to describe something as being in a state of transition (though it might also refer to the “initial stage of a process” or to “occupying a position on both sides of a boundary or threshold”). These definitions all have significant connections to both art and life, and are certainly applicable to this group of artists. The completion of a body of work for this show symbolizes a transitional moment for each participant. The process of making art is a never-ending cycle: when a body of work comes to a close it is interpreted by the audience as having finality, but for the artist it is a transitional moment, a time to look toward the next body of work.

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Todd Arsenault

Refraction, 2008, Voyage, 2009 and View of the Studio, 2009 / by Molly Blann

Chemical Madness, 2009, The Way I Really See, 2009, and Drenched in Sweat, 2009 / by Parry Grimm

Something rich yet strange, 2009 and The meaning escapes, 2009 / by Melissa Haimowitz

Prince Charming, 2009 and Skin Plated Armor, 2009 / by Tawi Hidaka

Meant to Be, 2008 and Liberated Mind which does not Cling, 2008-2009 / by Navajeet KC

Rock, 2009, Crystal, 2009, and Fragile, 2008 / by Judith Lopez

Footprints, 2009, Amongst Friends, 2009, Abandoned, 2009, and Untitled, 2009 / by Flannery Peterson

Through the Cracks, 2009, What’s Left of It, 2009, and Hit-and-Run, 2009 / by Josh Salim

Self-recording, 2009/ by Kristan Saloky

Self Portrait, 2009, Lighthouse, 2009, and Corner Beam, 2009 / by Rachel Warren