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The work of the artists in this exhibition subverts logic in a similar manner. Each takes familiar themes and conventions and finds ways to morph and transform them into pieces of art that trigger a kind of reflection rarely found in mass media. The logic that dictates the work starts with convention, but is transformed during the working process into a way of thinking that transcends common thought. The discoveries made during this process elevate the work beyond simple craft, causing it to pose challenging questions to both artist and viewer.

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Todd Arsenault

Tall…or Maybe Not So Tall?, 2011 / by Ethan Grosso

Growing Up in Seclusion, 2011, and Hammer to the Head, 2011 / by Ethan Grosso

Neoteny, 2011 / by Christina Neno

My own, 2011, Hieronymus, 2010, and Untitled, 2011 / by Christina Neno

Pleasure is not the Motive, 2011 / by Sophia Rothbart

The Censor Must be in Bad Faith, 2011 / by Sophia Rothbart

Video still from Thrift, 2011 / by Sophia Rothbart