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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, April 26-May 19, 2013.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Barbara Diduk, Dickinson College.

The Senior Studio Seminar is a yearlong creative journey where students immerse themselves in the studio to develop their own work...The confidence of their vision emerges full circle in this exhibition, revealing both the fruit of their labor, and an exhaustive engagement in the studio along the way. Reflected as well in the year’s work is a broad spectrum of media, from painterly abstraction to striking three-dimensional constructions. The study of art, the manipulation of matter, and its interpretation are tools which the students have used masterfully in this exhibition to create intriguing visual perspectives that demand attention. [taken from introduction by Barbara Diduk]

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Barbara Diduk

Changed Parallels, 2013, Transparent Guardedness, 2012, and Deranged Containment, 2013 / by Chris Barsanti

Study #2, 2013, Study #4, 2013, and Study #5, 2013 / by Kalie Garrett

Dandelion, 2013 and Once Upon a Cat, 2013 / by Yixue Ge

John, 2012, Flo, 2012, Mug, 2012, Nathalie, 2012, and Modern Manson, 2013 / by Shawn Gessay

Split Series 3, 2013, Split Series 2, 2013, Split Series 1, 2013, and Untitled, 2013 / by Sarah Gray

Cecil 1, 2013, Cecil 2, 2013, and Snowdrift, 2013 / by Laura McCauley

Redemption, 2013, Solving Algebra Equations with Bubble Gum, 2012-2013, and Breathing Under Water, 2012-2013 / by Melissa Smith

Surrogates, 2013, Son’s Up, 2013, Current, 2012, and Lichen Simplex, 2013 / by Caroline Stephenson

Untitled, 2013- Digital Print, Untitled, 2013- Charcoal on paper, and Untitled, 2013- Charcoal on canvas / by Lauren Sullivan

Green Eyes, 2013, Red Cliff, 2013, The Next Season, 2013, and Colorful, 2013 / by Tingxiao Zhang

In the Studio- Various works