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Catalog of an exhibition held at the Trout Gallery, 22 January - 20 February 1999.

Senior Exhibit, Fine Arts Department, Professor Sharon L. Hirsh, Dickinson College.

The twenty works exhibited here, all selections from the Dickinson College permanent collection, represent the engaging diversity of interests and talents of American women artists in the twentieth century. Nowhere is the versatility and vitality of this group of artists more clear than in the contrast between the oldest and the most recent work included here, which span a full ninety-nine years. [taken from introduction by Sharon Hirsh]

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Sharon L. Hirsh

Judith Brown, The Knight / Heather L. Troutman

Helen Gerardia / by Kara R. Kuchemba

Victoria Ebbels Hutson Huntley, Lower New York, 1934 / by Kerry Joyce

Barbara Latham, In the Park, c. 1937 / by Adrienne Deitch

Kyra Markham, Penny, Lady? , 1936 / by Tobey Sparrow

Betye Saar, Mystic Sky with Self Portrait, 1992 / by Adrienne Deitch

Faith Ringgold, The Sunflower Quilting Bee at Arles, 1996 / by Heather L. Troutman

Phyllis Cohen, Bowl of Cherries on Lace Tablecloth II, 1979 / by Kerry Joyce

Leona Pierce, Sunny Day, 1953 / by Anne C. Cabell

Ruth Jacoby, again and again, n.d. / by Mattie E. McLaughlin

Violet Oakley, Portrait Study (George Washington), 1922 / by Tobey Sparrow

Blanche Dillaye, A Sketch of Roof Tops, 1899 / by Krista Ann Mancini

Grace Arnold Albee, Peaceful Afternoon, n.d. / by Mattie E. McLaughlin

Sister Mary Corita Kent, This Beginning of Miracles, 1953 / by Kara R. Kuchemba

Sarai Sherman, Who is this that Looks forth like the Dawn, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, Plate VIII from the Series The Song of Solomon, 1966 / by Lale Sylvia Ismen

Helen Siegl, Aurora, n.d. / by Anne C. Cabell

Helen Frankenthaler, Tales of Genji V, 1998 / by Patrick E. Smith

Mary Barringer, Baby Jar, 1982 / by Lale Sylvia Ismen

Toshika Takaezu, Close Form, 1983 / by Krista Ann Mancini