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Catalogue of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, February 19 - April 17, 2010.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Melinda Schlitt, Dickinson College.

Elusive Imprints: Translating the Unseen in the Twentieth Century, encompasses the related but diverse stylistic categories of Symbolism, Surrealism, German Expressionism, and Magic Realism. Above all, this exhibition challenges the viewer to respond to what he or she sees through an active engagement with imagery that is indirect, often personal, and difficult to understand at first glance. [from Introduction by Melinda Schlitt]

Table of Contents

Introduction / by Melinda Schlitt

Paul Wunderlich, Jutta auf dem Sofa, 1968 / by Caitlin Faw

Paul Wunderlich, Paul, Halts Maul, 1967 / by Blair Thompson

Paul Wunderlich, Joanna Dreaming of Bismarck, 1968 / by Leah Barreras

Paul Wunderlich, Die Stuhl, 1969 / by Anna Elliott

Salvador Dali, Cosmic Madonna, 1981 / by Caitie Barrett

Joan Miró, Cuivre rayé après tirage, 1953 / by Amanda von Voorhees

Marc Chagall, Le Coq Rouge, 1953 / by Alex Geiger

Jean Cocteau, Satyr, 1958 / by Anna Elliott

Franz Marc, The Dream, 1962 / by Alex Geiger

Salvador Dali, The Grasshopper’s Child (Les Chants de Maldoror), 1934 / by Caitlin Faw

Salvador Dali, L’Incantation, 1960 / by Blair Thompson

Jean Cocteau, Menton, 1958 / by Courtney Masters

Jean Cocteau, L’Avenir, 1958 / by Courtney Masters

Max Ernst, Star of the Sea, 1950 / by Amanda van Voorhees

Marc Chagall, Chagall and Gogol and Chichikov and Sobakevich Discussing Business, 1948 / by Margaret MacAvoy

Marc Chagall, The Dreams of Chichikov and In the Church, 1948 / by Louise Feder

Historical Context for Stefan Eggeler’s Musikalische Miniaturen / by Caitie Barrett and Leah Barreras

Stefan Eggeler: Musikalische Miniaturen, 1921 / by Caitie Barrett

Stefan Eggeler: Musikalische Miniaturen, 1921 / by Leah Barreras