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Catalog of an exhibition at the Trout Gallery, January 26 - April 14, 2007.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Prof. Phillip Earenfight, Dickinson College.

The essays in this exhibition catalogue examine aspects of Hale’s life and career, beginning with a biographical sketch, a study of her early artistic training in America, and the fundamentals of Hale’s etching technique. They are followed by a series of essays that consider her work in France and Italy, as well as her relationship to other women painter-etchers, Gabrielle DeVaux Clements and Annie Blanche Dillaye. [from Introduction by Phillip Earenfight]

Table of Contents:

Inked Impressions / by Phillip Earenfight

“A Rebellious Tradition”: The Life of Ellen Day Hale / by Brittany Bosch

Ellen Day Hale and Artistic Training for Women in America / by Berna Onat

Ellen Day Hale and Etching Technique / by Stephanie Shapiro

The Allure of Paris: Ellen Day Hale and Gabrielle DeVaux Clements / by Claire Angelilli

Women Pioneers in the Painter-Etcher Movement: Ellen Day Hale and Gabrielle DeVaux Clements / by Kathryn Malinowski

Annie Blanche Dillaye: A Nineteenth-Century Etcher and a Peer to Gabrielle DeVaux Clements and Ellen Day Hale / by Jennifer Thompson

“The Goal of My Desires”: Ellen Day Hale and Venice / by Alexandra Ruhfel

The Gendered Line and Ellen Day Hale / by Samantha Bellinger