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Catalog of an exhibition held at the Trout Gallery, January 27 - March 11, 2006.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Professor Melinda Schlitt, Dickinson College.

This exhibition represents the second public showing of Edmund Quincy’s paintings since his last one-man show at the Boston Athenaeum in 1955. In their essays, the curators explore four interrelated “themes” that emerged during their research and analysis of Quincy’s paintings throughout the semester, and which they argue are the most dominant pictorial characteristics of Quincy’s artistic vision. [from Introduction by Melinda Wilcox Schlitt]

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Melinda Schlitt

Street Scene, Boston, n.d. / by Kristin Schmehl

Industrial Quarter, n.d. / by Courtney Scally

Background of Metropolitan Industry, n.d. / by Hilary Smith

A Mediterranean Church, n.d. / by Courtney Scally

Rooftops and Cathedral, Basel, n.d. / by Anna Alston Donnelly

A Quiet Street Corner, Boston, n.d. / by Kristin Schmehl

Foster Street, c. 1935 / by Cassie Lynott

The Garden Wall, n.d. / by Dorothy Paige Litz

Rural Landscape with Distant Church, n.d. / by Hilary Smith

A Windy Day, Paris, n.d. / by Anna Alston Donnelly

The Writer, n.d. / by Rebecca Magrane

Venice Canal, c. 1942 / by Susannah Haworth

Portrait of a Young Girl, n.d. / by Laura Hahn

A Shady Street, n.d. / by Dorothy Paige Litz

Vaudeville Stage, n.d. / by Laura Hahn

Table by the Window, n.d. / by Rebecca Magrane

Firenze, Strade sotto Villa Mercede, Voltato L’Angolo, c. 1942 / by Susannah Haworth

Elevated Train, Boston, n.d. / by Cassie Lynott

Haystacks, Giverny, n.d. / by Anna Alston Donnelly, Laura Hahn, Susannah Haworth, Dorothy Paige Litz, Cassie Lynott, Rebecca Magrane, Courtney Scally, Kristin Schmehl, and Hilary Smith