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Catalog of an exhibition curated by senior art historical methods students at Dickinson College under the supervision of Melinda Schlitt, professor of art and art history.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Professor Melinda Schlitt, Dickinson College.

Images of Transience: Nature and Culture in Art illuminates the process of finding meaning in some of the most familiar pictorial imagery while acknowledging that transience is a fundamental characteristic of the image as both subject and object.[from Introduction by Melinda Schlitt]

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Melinda Schlitt

William Henry Nutter, Carlisle, England, 1863 / by Tara McGeehan

Henry William Burgess, Landscape with Pond and Ducks, 1832 / by Lacey Gilbo

Jacob Van Ruisdael, Figures Fishing by a Resting Stream c. 1650 / by Erika Hayden

Carl Philipp Weber, Landscape (Castle on Bluff above Village), 1878 / by Lacey Gilbo

Artist Unknown, Floral Still Life, n.d. / by Priscilla Benith

Carl Philipp Weber, Landscape (River Rapids and Mill), 1878 / by Meta Duevell

Joseph Stirling Thomas, Flowers on a Tabletop, c. 1876 / by Lenka Podhrazsky

Otto Henry Bacher, The Lido, 1880 / by Erika Hayden

Otto Henry Bacher, On Staufa Bridge, 1879 / by Tara McGeehan

Thomas Moran, Sunrise, 1880 / by Meta Duevell

Frederic Dickinson Williams, View of the Pemigewassett at North Campton, 1863 / by Maureen Shimp

Granville Perkins, The Susquehanna at Hunter’s Gap, 1873 / by Priscilla Benith

Artist Unknown, Seascape, c. 1800s / by Ruth Ann Engelmann

George E. Cooke, View on the River Schuylkill Near Philadelphia, c. 1840s / by Rebecca O’Donnell

James Wells Champney, Sunset Landscape, 1862 / by Stephanie Stockbridge

Francesco Guardi, A Venetian Lagoon, c. 1770 / by Ruth Ann Engelmann

Jay Miense Molenaer, The Procuress, c. 1640 / by Stephanie Stockbridge

Ludwig Rach, Vanita, 1876 / by Lenka Podhrazsky

Alexander Panton, Landscape, 1863 / by Marney Pelletier

Edmund Darch Lewis, The Susquehanna at Duncannon, 1872 / by Marney Pelletier

Henry Boese, Valley of the Cumberland, c. 1850 / by Rebecca O’Donnell

Antwerp Guild, Floral Still Life, 18th century / by Maureen Shimp