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Catalog of an exhibition held at the Trout Gallery, created by Dickinson College senior art historical methods students under the supervision of Sharon Hirsh, professor of art and art history at the College.

Senior Exhibit, Art and Art History Department, Professor Sharon Hirsh, Dickinson College.

The works displayed here are individual ''windows" into the lives of the everyday people of the nineteenth century. With their print, drawing, or photographic techniques, they afford, furthermore, a level of detail requiring not only the skill of the artist then, but also the attention of us now. [taken from introduction by Sharon Hirsh]

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Sharon L. Hirsh

The Village Politicians (Les Politiques de Village) & Distraining for Rent (La Saifiel) / by Jessica McDonald

The Convalescent (La Convalescente), n.d. / by Christina A. Warner

The Little Swineherd (Le Petit Porcher), c. 1850 / by Rachel Leverenz

Landscape with Stream and Angler. 1832 / by Nadine A. Karel

The Grandfather, 1895 / by Susan A. Gillings

Morning Bell, published in Harper’s Weekly 13, December 1873 / by Christina A. Warner

The Sewer, c. 1855-1860 / by Rachel Leverenz

The Chestnut Seller, 1880 / by Susan A. Gillings

Centre Square, after 1828 / by Nadine A. Karel

Lamotte-Piquet Avenue (Avenue de Lamotte-Piquet), 1889 / by Colleen C. Casey

The Ball at the Tuileries, 1887 / by Colleen C. Casey

A Symphony, published in Vanity Fair, January 12, 1878 / by Corina C. Dodson

Animal Locomotion Plates 521 and 483, 1887 / by Corina C. Dodson

The Good Bourgeois (Les Bons Bourgeois) No. 41 of the Series, April 20, 1847 / by Jessica MacDonald