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Catalog of the exhibition held Feb. 6-Mar. 14, 1998 at the Trout Gallery, Emil R. Weiss Center for the Arts, Dickinson College.

Senior Exhibit, Fine Arts Department, Professor Peter M. Lukehart, Dickinson College.

Expressions of Society therefore represents a cross-section of the Potamkin collection which is as diverse and individual as the twenty students who selected the works...The students made the decision to choose works that represent all aspects of the collection, including not only drawings, paintings, prints, and sculpture, but also books, art periodicals, and posters. Thus the exhibition includes both fine art and material culture, which we jointly felt spoke to the breadth and the variety of the Potamkin collection at Dickinson. On one level, Expressions is a show about the Potamkins as collectors; on another, it bears witness to the personal and emotional responses of the students to individual works within that collection. [ taken from introduction by Peter M. Lukehart]

Table of Contents:

Introduction / by Peter M. Lukehart

Benton Murdoch Spruance, St. Francis- The Market, 1953 and Judisth, 1950 / by J. Pat Holden

Jean François Rafaëlli, The Chestnut Seller, 1880 / by Alexis Hurley

Jean François Rafaëlli, Le grand-père (Farmer and Child), 1895 / by Alexis Hurley and Carrie Norris

Helen Siegl, Madonna and Child, n.d. / by Carrie Norris

Antoni Clavé, Woman with Cigarette and Fan, c. 1950 / by Jan Inners

Harold Hansen, Path in the Forest ( Skovvej; Summer), n.d. / by Allana Weiss

Roland Oudot, Femme aux Feuillages, c. 1955 / by Jan Inners

José Palmeiro, Still Life with Flowers, n.d. / by Allana Weiss

Vasily Kandinsky, Derrière le miroir, 1953 and Alberto Giacometti, Derrière le miroir, 1954 / by Zach Dorr

Maurits Cornelius Escher, Encounter, 1944 / by Neela Shiralkar

Käthe Kollwitz, Proletariat: Kindersterben, 1925 / by Leigha Jennings

Sarai Sherman, I Am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the Valley, 1966 / by Neeela Shiralkar

Sarai Sherman, Tell me, O Thou Whom My Soul Loveth, Where Thou Feedest, Where Thou Makest Thy Flock to Rest at Noon, 1966 / by Dora Stavrolakes

Georges Rouault, Sous un Jésus en croix oublié la…. , De profundis…, Debout les morts, 1920-1927 / by Sarah K. Wasdyke

Georges Braque, Bird and His Shadow ( Oiseau et son Ombre III), 1961 / by Veronika Lubbe

Frederic H. K. Henrion, Topical, Critical Witty & Wise, Take PUNCH… and Domesticated & Sophisticated, Take PUNCH…, c. 1930s / by Tracy Ferro

Jack Zajac, The Swan, n.d. / by Anne Hyde

Sante Graziani, The Family- From Homage to Ingres, 1967 / by Katharine R. Martin

Sante Graziani, Nude Woman- From Homage to Ingres, 1962 / by Sarah J. Bonnice

Salvador Dali, L’Incantation, 1960 / by Dora Stavrolakes

John Frederick Herring, Sr., Fox-Hunting Series, The Meet, Breaking Cover, Full Cry, and The Death, 1874 / by Nichole A. Halbritter

Peter M. Lister, Rainbows, 1974 / by Christina Hazangeles

Leonard Baskin, The Rebbe, The Rebbe Taking a Walk, Rebbe Preaching/Activities of the Mysterious Rebbe, and Solitude, 1968 / by Jiyun Agnes Han

Auguste Rodin, Douze aquarelles inédites de Rodin / Veronika Lubbe

James C. Lueders, Bridge in Paris and Paris Opera, 1950 / by Sarah J. Bonnice

Georges Dayes, Nazare, n.d. / by Christina Hazangeles

Artist Unknown, Here Comes Daddy, early 20th century / by Katharine R. Martin

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen, Belmont near Lausanne and Untitled Landscape, 1914 / by Caroline Mortimer

Elizabeth Frink, Poster for Amnesty International, 1977 / by Erin S. Dempster

Auguste Rodin, St. John the Baptist Preaching, c. 1878-1880 / by Anne Hyde

Pablo O’Higgins, Mujeres de Cuetzalan and Carreta (Wagon), 1965 / by Leigha Jennings and Erin Dempster