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Honors Thesis



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Megan Yost




Women’s use of hookup narratives was examined through their understanding of hookup culture and the benefits and consequences of conversations with their female friends. The traditional sexual script has dictated that women are not supposed to engage in uncommitted sexual relationships; if they so engage, they should not talk about them. Today, however, some women are choosing to take part in the college hookup culture and talk to their friends about their experiences. The purpose of the present study was to understand why women talk to their friends about their hookups and if it transcends the traditional sexual script for these women. Ten college women who had discussed a hookup in college with their female friends were interviewed individually to get an understanding of how each woman constructed her understanding of these conversations and their impact on their friendships. Nine of the interviews were analyzed using thematic analysis and one with narrative analysis. The five major themes that were identified in the thematic analysis were social position and appearance, entertainment, communicating friendship, social pressures, and freedom. The narrative analysis was used to analyze the story of a woman who is still a virgin, and included themes of pressure and personal growth. These findings shed light on the changing sexual scripts for women and the impact of hookup culture on female friendships in college.