Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis



First Advisor

Maria C. Bruno




The Camp Michaux Archaeological Project area is home to a well-documented historical occupation but until this study no one had investigated it for a possible Indigenous Period occupation. The goal of my research was to answer the question, was there an Indigenous Period occupation in the Camp Michaux Project Area, for which I believed the answer would be yes. I based this hypothesis on the cultural history of the region, a theoretical framework for predicting sites, and the natural resources in the project area. Using a variety of methods including Geographic Information Systems and shovel test pit surveying, two lithic artifacts were recovered over the course of my investigation. I conclude, based on established guidelines, that these flakes would constitute an archaeological site from the Indigenous Period. I also discuss the significance of my research in contributing to our understanding of the Indigenous Period in Eastern Pennsylvania and addressing problems with the marginalization of indigenous groups within the region.