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Honors Thesis


Earth Sciences

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Benjamin Edwards




Linear features observed on the Kawdy Plateau (KP) in northwestern British Columbia are indicative of multi-stage continental glaciation before, during, and after the last glacial maximum. The grooves, which cluster into three different groups at unique orientations, indicate that at least two and probably three separate continental ice sheets flowed over the KP, separated by enough time to allow the previous glacier to melt entirely. Linear features on the plateau floor and on top of two volcanoes indicate that all three of these glaciers flowed east/northeast-west/southwest, striking between 21-55°, 87- 169°, and 56-86°, oldest to youngest. This evidence for multi-stage continental glaciation has important implications for the reconstruction of the history of the Cordilleran ice sheet, as well as for paleoclimate factors that influenced its development and retreat.

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