Date of Award


Document Type

Honors Thesis


Environmental Studies

First Advisor

Michael Beevers




The reuse of environmentally contaminated properties presents the opportunity for community revitalization in neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the United States. This study provides an in depth exploration of one brownfield site included in the redevelopment plan for Carlisle. This brownfield is a former tire manufacturing facility, previously owned by the Tire & Wheel Company, and is located in the middle of a residential area. As is common for brownfield sites, these former factories are located around low income communities and communities of color. Planning for the future of this brownfield site involves decision-making that requires input from diverse community stakeholders. To facilitate genuine participation among residents and other stakeholders, it is critical to understand the limitations and possibilities of community participation. Identifying stakeholder perceptions within the local community is vital to conducting participation with the goal of community revitalization. The perceptions of public participation, perceptions of the brownfield property, and perceptions that stakeholders have of each other are the main components in this case study that impact public participation to include a representative sampling of the community and address community needs. Common community perceptions must be understood and acknowledged in order for residents to engage in the redevelopment process.