Theses from 2018

Secure and Lightweight Communication in Heterogeneous IoT Environments, Jake Beley

Carbon Dioxide-Induced C-Fos Expression in Central Respiratory Chemoreceptors and Development of Respiratory Behavior in Embryonic Mice, Jessica Bell

Reprogramming Leukemia Cells Toward Cell Cycle Arrest, Grace Crossland

Touch in Sexual Encounters: Perceptions of Partners’ Consent, Katherine DeBroeck

Double-Slit Interference with Partially-Coherent Light, Natalie Ferris


Quantifying Shortening in the Juniata Culmination, PA: Insights from a Balanced Cross Section Incorporating Observations at the Grain-, Outcrop- and Map-Scale, James Fisher

Size distribution in eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) populations, Cumberland Valley, Pennsylvania, Nicholas Gabuzda

The Taming of the Yeast: Domestication of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Saccharomyces paradoxus Yeasts, Courtney Gamache

In the Hands of Its Mothers: Georgia Swift King, Temperance, and the Challenges of African American Progressivism, Sarah Goldberg

Probing the tetrameric structure of Leishmania major Pteridine Reductase (PTR1) with point mutations and interface-derived peptides, Meredith Johnson


Explaining the Referent of “We”: An Explanatory Answer to Olsen’s Question, John Leibundgut

Echándole ganas: Identity and Resilience in Oral Histories of Women of Mexican Descent at Dickinson College, Elizabeth Marin


Knowledge (of) Reproduction: Examining the Role of the Alternative Female Healer in Contemporary Caregiving in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the U.S., Julia Mercer

Plant communities in eastern hemlock (Tsuga canadensis) stands impacted by hemlock woolly adelgid (Adelges tsugae), Cheyenne Moore

Effects of Armed Conflict on Women's Political Participation: A Study of Selected Civil Wars in the Arab World., Celina Natzic

Construction of Washington, D.C. and Modern Paris: Cultural Ideologies Reflected in Capital Cities, Jillian Paffenbarger

Separating Church and State: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Religious Freedom in France and the United States, Jillian Paffenbarger

Reaching for the Stars: Fictional Women, Female Researchers, and the Importance of Role Models in Japan’s Aerospace Fields, Leigh Anne Parrott

"The War Is or Isn’t Over, But Coffee Still Brews”: The Salvadoran Civil War, Transnational Migration, and Navigating Legacies of Trauma in Javier Zamora’s Unaccompanied, Janel Pineda

Selective reactions of cysteine perfluoroaryl thioethers, Allison Resnikoff


The Role of MafB in Reverting the Transformed Phenotype of Human Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cells, Tulley Shofner

Characterizing expression of the protein Yorkie in the Drosophila embryo, Sadie Signorella

Impacts of insect growth regulator pesticides on populations of beneficial dung beetles in Pennsylvania agroecosystems, Kayla Simpson

Russian ikan’e and akan’e in Learners with L1 American English, Allison Stroyan

Self and Service: The Grounds of the Engaged Spirituality of Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh, Christian Sweger

Effects of Acidification and Salinity Stress on Development in Larvae and Juveniles of a Marine Gastropod, Rulaiha Taylor

Theses from 2017

Policy Solutions for Securing Permanent Housing for the Homeless in Carlisle, Stephanie Applegate


Marketing K-Pop and J-Pop in the 21st Century, Sarah Brand

Kinematics of Feeding Behavior in the American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus): Vertical Limits of Prey Capture, Surya Brown-Moffitt


L'orto in città: dalle radici storiche alle pratiche contemporanee: Agricoltura, pedagogia, recupero urbano e interculturalità in quattro casi di studio nel contesto bolognese, Delphine Dall'Agata


Contro i margini: L'amica geniale tra dimensione personale e narrativa, Thera Dal Prà Iversen

Amphibians Beware: Batrachochytrium dendrabatidis in the Cumberland Valley, Madison Etchberger


Nonlinear Dynamics of Pulsing Oscillators, Christopher B. Fritz

Conjoined Twinning: Answers from Animalism, Zachary Garrett

Death to the World: the Last Punks-Monks, Zachary Garrett

Taking Consent Seriously: An Anarchist's Critique of Liberalism, Rehoboth Gesese

Texts in Conflict: Religious Maximalists and Peacemakers in Israel/Palestine, Kathleen Getaz

Investigation of Color, Space, and Light in the Landscape, Willa Hut

A Computational Analysis of the Environmental Stress Response in Ascomycete Fungi, Amanda Jimcosky

Neural and Physologic Correlates of Health-Related Social Identity Threat, Rodney David Jones Jr.

Catalytic Applications of Bio-reduced Ultrasmall Copper Nanoparticles, Amanda R. Kale

What We Think, We Become: Zazen, C.B.T., and the Quietine of the Monkey Mind, Matthew Kauffman

Passing Muster: Negotiating the Racialized and Gendered "Mythology" of Reenactment, Virginia Kopacki

Aquatic Citizen Scientist Motivations: Implications for Civil Society, Natalie McNeill


Il Parco del Mincio: Un caso di studio interculturale: Dall’organizzazione del Parco e regolamentazione del volontariato alla definizione e creazione di un watershed., Natalie McNeill

Heuristic Approaches to Nonlinear 0-1 Knapsack Problems, James Midkiff


Prayers of Peace and Protest: The Relationship between the Catholic Church and Chile's Socialist and Military Governments (1970-1990), Olivia Migliori


The Effect of Public Sporting Expenditures on Medal Share at the Summer Olympic Games: A Study of the Differential Impact by Sport and Gender, Joana Peixoto Nunes

The Influence of Soil Characteristics on Nest-Site Selection in Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta), Robert F. Page

Functional Development of Central Chemoreceptors, Onset of Fetal Breathing Movements, and C-fos Expression in Embryonic Mice, Madison A. Parks


Omnipotence in a Physical World, Lanéa Pearson

Characterizing Short-Period Eclipsing Binaries in the Field of NGC 2362, Tyler Richey-Yowell


Bilingual and Bimodal Expression: The Creolization in Edwidge Danticat's Oeuvre, Anna Robinette


Away from the Plantation: An Ethnography of Hawai'i Japanese American Identitiy in Honolulu Hawai'i, Nalani Noel Yukie Saito


Long-Term Records of Climate-Induced Changes in the Zooplankton of West-Greenland Lakes, Helen Schlimm

Construction of Test Problems for the 0-1 Quadratic Knapsack Problem, Peixin Sun


The Ni Una Menos Movement in 21st Century Argentina: Combating More than Femicide, Polly Terzian


The Role of Partnership in Agricultural Research and Development: Investigating Moral Obligation and Neoliberal Governmentalities, Emily Vooris


Chinese Industrialization & Subsequent Environmental Degradation, Courtney Wojcik

Analyzing the Effectiveness of NOx Emissions Regulation in Pennsylvania from 1999 to 2016, Yuanxiaoyue Yang

Theses from 2016

Histology and Anatomy of the Faveolar and Saccular Lung in Boa Constrictors, Sterling Pacifica Arjona


An Analysis of the Local Food Movement in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Cynthia Louise Baur

Do Effects of Ocean Acidification and Nutrition Persist Across the Life History of a Marine Gastropod?, Samuel Neill Bogan

Differing Seasonal Succession of Phytoplankton in Lakes with High and Low Dissolved Organic Carbon Concentrations: Implications for Long-Term Community Shifts, Tiffany Lee Chin

Effects of Ocean Acidification and Flow on Neural Correlates of Settlement in Larvae of a Marine Gastropod, Christine Choi


Международные отношения: Россия, Латинская Америка и конфликт в Украине = [International Relations: Russia, Latin America, and the Conflict in Ukraine], Simon Gaetano Ciccarillo


A Gun to Our Head? American Imagination of the Russian Character Since 1946, Jason William Denaburg


Queering Nature: The Liberatory Effects of Queer Ecology, Caitlin Marie Doak

The Effects of Extreme Rain Events on Water Transparency and Stratification in Central Pennsylvania Reservoir Ecosystems, Max Egener

Cognitive and Social Treatments in a Model of Alzheimer's Disease, Gabrielle Bernstein Frenkel


Investigation of a Solar Air Heater's Conversion Efficiency and Output Power as a Function of the Grid Number, Nicole Elizabeth Fronsdahl

Chemical Characterization of Sealcoat Composition at Three Sites in Central PA, Zev Joshua Greenberg

The Role of BCL-2 Family Member MCL-1 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Cassandra Elizabeth Holbert


Murine Hypometabolism: A Putative Signaling Pathway., Trevor Thomas Hollinger


“A Shadow of a Magnitude”: The Condition of Artwork in John Keats’s Ekphrastic Poetry, John Anderson Kneisley


Short-term Climate Cycles, Recent Climate Changes, and Volcano-Ice Hazards: Nevado Coropuna, Arequipa, Peru, William Hardy Kochitzky

Short-Term Climate Cycles, Recent Climate Changes, and Volcano-Ice Hazards : Nevado Coropuna, Arequipa, Peru, William Hardy Kochtitzky


Consuming Authenticity: Deconstructing “Do-It-Yourself” Punk Rock Ethics in Philadelphia, Patricia Ann Kotrady


Applying Novelty Search to the Construction of Ensemble Systems, Hieu Kinh Le


Numerical Simulations of High-Dimensional Mode-Coupling Models in Molecular Dynamics, Kyle Lewis Liss


The Legal and Political Implications of the NYPD's Counterterrorism Operations Overseas: The International Liaison Program, Jia Ma

Understated Strength: Celebrity Agency in Republican China, Brianna Margaret McFarland

Investigating the Effects of Coastal Acidification on Phenolic Production in Zostera Marina from South Bay, VA, Andrew Shriver McGowan


A Case Study on Modeling Social Network Privacy Policies Using Event-B, My Nguyen Tra


Whiteboard Scanning Using Super-Resolution, Wode Ni

Characterization of the Diet of the American Toad (Anaxyrus Americanus) in a Disturbed Land-Use System, Mairi Kaia Phyllis Poisson


Speech or Sex: The Porn Debate and American Politics, Abigail May Preston


A Comparative Study of the Glenohumeral Joint in New World Monkeys, Rachel Elizabeth Provazza


Bauer statt Prinzessinnen: Das Volk als Thema und seine Darstellung in den Kinder- und Hausmärchen, Rachel Lynne Schilling

Garlic Mustard: Impacts on Understory Diversity and Competitive Interactions, Rachael Anne Sclafani


Mouthpiece: For Chamber Ensemble and Electronics [music], Rachael Marie Smith


Shifting Discourses of Tolerance: The Framing of Muslim Minorities in the U.S. and the UK Before and After National Traumas, Shayna E. Solomon


The Akan Concept of a Person, Jessica Anne Sykes


Entitlement and Anguish: An Analysis of Masculinity and Misogyny in American School Shootings, Sara Aubrey Tyberg

"The Beds Are Full But All The Occupants Are Getting Better”: An Institutional History of Medicine at the Carlisle Indian School, Frank Charles Vitale IV


Pain Management: Formal Verification of an Android Application Using EventB2SQL, Graham Peter Williams

Theses from 2015


Impact of the Built Environment on Youth Mentorship, Madison Grace Beehler


Generalized Symmetric Spaces of the Modular Group Mm(2), Marc Julien Besson


Stability and ILM Formation on a One-Dimensional Lattice, Marc Julien Besson

Microwave-accelerated Deprotection of Aryl Silyl Ethers, Allyson Jane Boyington