Publications from 2020

Social Position or School Participation? Access and Mobilization of Social Capital in a School-Based Network, Rand Quinn, Amanda Barrett Cox, and Amy Steinbugler

Publications from 2019

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Mapping Resources to Support an Important Conversation, Susan D. Rose and James W. Gerencser

Publications from 2018


The Double Violence of Inequality: Precarity, Individualism, and White Working-Class Americans, Lawrence M. Eppard, Dan Schubert, and Henry A. Giroux

Publications from 2017

Towards a Realist Sociology of Education: A Polyphonic Review Essay, Michael Grenfell, Susan Hood, Brian D. Barrett, and Dan Schubert

Publications from 2016

Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Indigenous Histories, Memories, and Reclamations, Jacqueline Fear-Segal and Susan D. Rose

The Rule of the Clan, Carol Horning, Mark Weiner, Andrew T. Wolff, and Erik Love

Publications from 2014

Challenging Global Gender Violence: The Global Clothesline Project, Susan D. Rose

Publications from 2013


Bearing Witness, Susan D. Rose

Challenging Global Gender Violence, Susan D. Rose


"It Wasn't A Sweet Life": Engaging Students in Oral History Interviewing Across Race, Class, and Generations, Susan D. Rose

Publications from 2012

Christian Fundamentalism: Patriarchy, Sexuality, and Human Rights, Susan D. Rose

Gender Violence: Using Culture as a Resource in the Process of Decolonization, Susan D. Rose

The Wisconsin Shooting: An Opportunity for America, Rajbir Singh Datta, Manar Waheed, and Erik Love

Publications from 2011

Exportando el Evangelio Norteamericano: El Fundamentalismo Cristiano Global, Steve Brouwer, Paul Gifford, and Susan D. Rose

Sex, Sin, and Social Policy: Religion and the Politics of Abstinence-Only Programs, Susan D. Rose

Publications from 2008

Terre D'Immigrants: Le Musée Virtuel "Mosaïque de Patagonie", Susan D. Rose and John M. Osborne

The Gamble: Circular Mexican Migration and the Return on Remittances, Susan D. Rose and Robert Shaw

Suffering/symbolic violence, Dan Schubert

Publications from 2007

From Migrant Work to Community Transformation: Families Forming Transnational Communities in Peribán and Pennsylvania, Susan D. Rose and Sarah Hiller

Temporal Assumptions: Aging With Cystic Fibrosis, Dan Schubert

Publications from 2005

Going too Far? Sex, Sin, and Social Policy, Susan D. Rose

The Struggle to Breathe: Living at Life Expectancy with Cystic Fibrosis, Dan Schubert and Margaret Murphy

Publications from 2004

Engaging Students in the Field, Susan D. Rose

Publications from 2003


Creating Border Crossings: Dickinson College- At Home and Abroad, Joyce Bylander and Susan D. Rose

Community Studies: The Pedagogical Uses of Ethnography, Oral History, and Memoir, Susan D. Rose

Teaching Diversity for Democracy: The Crossing Borders and Mosaic Programs, Susan D. Rose

Publications from 2002

Introduction: The Contested Academy, Richard Harvey Brown and Dan Schubert

Telling Lives: Trauma-Recovery and Christian-Conversion Narratives, Susan D. Rose

Defending Multiculturalism: From Hegemony to Symbolic Violence, Dan Schubert

Publications from 2000

Academic Knowledge and Political Power in Late Capitalist Societies, Richard Harvey Brown and Dan Schubert

Knowledge and Power in Higher Education: A Reader, Richard Harvey Brown and Dan Schubert

Publications from 1996

Exporting the American Gospel: Global Christian Fundamentalism, Steve Brouwer, Paul Gifford, and Susan D. Rose