Theses from 2019

The Silencing of Anita Hill and Dr. Blasely Ford: An Examination of Gendered Language Differences in Cases of Sexual Misconduct, Sarah Campbell


The Genocide that Everyone Should Have Seen Coming: How the Cameroon Anglophone Crisis Extends Colonial Forces of Domination and Consent, Selena Gould


#MeToo Means Who?: Shining a Light on the Darkness A Rhetorical Analysis of Inclusivity and Exclusivity within the #MeToo Movement, Meaghan McBride

Theses from 2016


Entitlement and Anguish: An Analysis of Masculinity and Misogyny in American School Shootings, Sara Aubrey Tyberg

Theses from 2014


In Our Own Eyes, Through Our Own Voices: Deconstructing the Silence Surrounding Systemic Sexual Violence and Black African American Women, Michele St. Julien

"A Student Body of Global Citizens?": International Students' Perceptions and Experiences of Race on Dickinson's Campus, Carrie Anna Ovensen Vereide

Theses from 2013


Race, Class, and Food Justice in South Allison Hill, Pa., Giovania Genevieve Tiarachristie

Theses from 2012

The New Racial Wealth Chasm: Asian, Hispanic and African American Wealth Inequality in the Twenty-First Century, Colin Winthrop Macfarlane

Theses from 2011

Bisexual Burdens: Individuals With Nonexclusive Attractions Creating Authentic Identities, Airlia Rose Choyce


Societies at War, the Sexes at Peace: An Examination of Revolutionary Conflict and its Impact on Gender Roles in the Mena Region, Hannah Elizabeth Farda


Elite Colleges or Colleges For the Elite?: A Qualitative Analysis of Dickinson Students' Perceptions of Privilege, Margaret Lee O'Brien

Theses from 2010

Negotiating Identities Within Contemporary American Society: Women of the Indian Community of Central PA, Hilary Eliza Collins

Valuing Their Voices: HIV/AIDS Activists in a Era of Professionalization and Public Apathy, Gabriela Uassouf