Theses from 2019

Foreigners Among Their Own Kinsmen—How Tibetan Catholic Communities Survive and Thrive in the Tibetan Regions Along the Yunnan-Tibetan Borders, Michael Huang

Iconocentric Mysticism in Byzantine Christianity and South Asian Religions, Holden Sweger

Theses from 2018

Self and Service: The Grounds of the Engaged Spirituality of Thomas Merton and Thich Nhat Hanh, Christian Sweger

Theses from 2017

Death to the World: the Last Punks-Monks, Zachary Garrett

Texts in Conflict: Religious Maximalists and Peacemakers in Israel/Palestine, Kathleen Getaz

What We Think, We Become: Zazen, C.B.T., and the Quietine of the Monkey Mind, Matthew Kauffman

Theses from 2015


A Spiritually Trained Brain : The Therapeutic Effects of Spiritual Practice for Individuals with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, Amanda Michelle Gvozden

Theses from 2013


From Liberation to Coexistence: Redefining Palestinian Liberation Theology, Ryan Lindsay Corbett

Theses from 2010

Ardhanārīśvara Within the God-Image: An Exploration of the Androgynous Deity in Hindu Tantra and Jungian Psychology, Samantha Kimberle Weiner