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Quinoa, Potatoes, and Llamas Fueled Emergent Social Complexity in the Lake Titicaca Basin of the Andes
Melanie J. Miller, Iain Kendall, José M. Capriles, Maria C. Bruno, Richard P. Evershed, and Christine A. Hastorf


Embracing Race, Resisting Oppression: African American Parents as Experienced Guides for Navigating Racial Oppression
Naila A. Smith, Ashley McDonald, Wei Wei, Shadane A. Johnson, Dzifa Adeji, and Dawn P. Witherspoon


Beside, Besides, and B-sides: Collaborations as Feminist and Decolonizing Practices
Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Paola Bonifazio, and Ellen Nerenberg


Courting Innovation: The Effects of Litigation Risk on Corporate Innovation
M. Kabir Hassan, Reza Houston, and M. Sydul Karim

*Updated as of 01/23/22.