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Predator Hunting Mode Influences Patterns of Prey Use From Grazing and Epigeic Food Webs
Gina M. Wimp, Shannon M. Murphy, Danny Lewis, Margaret R. Douglas, Ramya Ambikapathi, Lie’Ann Van-Tull, Claudio Gratton, and Robert F. Denno


Ecosystem Change and Carbon Cycle Perturbation Preceded the End-Triassic Mass Extinction
Ekaterina Larina, David J. Bottjer, Frank A. Corsetti, Alyson M. Thibodeau, William M. Berelson, A. Joshua West, and Joyce A. Yager


A Framework for Evaluating Ecosystem Services Provided by Cover Crops in Agroecosystems
Meagan E. Schipanski, Mary Barbercheck, Margaret R. Douglas, Denise M. Finney, Kristin Haider, Jason P. Kaye, Armen R. Kemanian, David A. Mortensen, Matthew R. Ryan, John F. Tooker, and Charlie White


Evaluation of Biorational Insecticides and DNA Barcoding as Tools to Improve Insect Pest Management in Lablab Bean (Lablab purpureus) in Bangladesh
Margaret R. Douglas, Jan Chang, Kohinoor Begum, Sevgan Subramanian, John F. Tooker, Syed Nurul Alam, and Srinivasan Ramasamy


Transcriptional Changes in Response to Growth of Arabidopsis in High External Calcium
Catherine W.M. Chan, Dana J. Somers, Matthew J. Rodesch, and Michael R. Sussman


Pesticides and Pollinators: A Socioecological Synthesis
Douglas B. Sponsler, Christina M. Grozinger, Claudia Hitaj, Maj Rundlöf, Cristina Botías, Aimee Code, Eric V. Lonsdorf, Andony P. Melathopoulos, David J. Smith, Sainath Suryanarayanan, Wayne E. Thogmartin, Neal M. Williams, Minghua Zhang, and Margaret R. Douglas


Assessing the Use of Optical Satellite Images to Detect Volcanic Impacts on Glacier Surface Morphology
Michael Dieter Martin, Iestyn Barr, Benjamin R. Edwards, Matteo Spagnolo, Sanaz Vajedian, and Elias Symeonakis


Democratization and Integration of Genomic Profiling Tools
Michael R. Sussman, Edward L. Huttlin, and Dana J. Somers

*Updated as of 10/20/21.