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Pain, Sexual Activity and Partner Support in Jamaicans with Sickle Cell Disease
Kai A.D. Morgan, Naila A. Smith, Roger C. Gibson, Wendel D. Abel, Monika Parshad-Asnani, Marvin Reid, Keisha N. O'Garo, and Christopher L. Edwards


Toxic Rain in Class: Classroom Interpersonal Microaggressions
Carola Suárez-Orozco, Saskias Casanova, Margary Martin, Dalal Katsiaficas, Veronica Cuellar, Naila A. Smith, and Sandra Isabel Dias


Optimizing Regenerative Braking: A Variational Calculus Approach
Lars Q. English, A. Mareno, and Xuan-Lin Chen


Revisiting the Association Between Worldwide Implementation of the MPOWER Package and Smoking Prevalence, 2008–2017
Muhammad Jami Husain, Biplab Kumar Datta, Nigar Nargis, Roberto Iglesias, Anne-Marie Perucic, Indu B. Ahluwalia, Angela Tripp, Sohani Fatehin, Muhammad Mudabbir Husain, Deliana Kostova, and Patricia Richter


Quantifying Depth-Dependent Seismic Anisotropy in the Critical Zone Enhanced by Weathering of a Piedmont Schist
B.J. Eppinger, Jorden L. Hayes, B.J. Carr, S. Moon, C.L. Cosans, W.S. Holbrook, C.J. Harman, and Z.T. Plante


Interracial Relationships
Amy C. Steinbugler


Gender, Race, and Affirmative Action: Operationalizing Intersectionality in Survey Research
Amy C. Steinbugler, Julie E. Press, and Janice Johnson Dias


Englacial Lake Dynamics Within a Pleistocene Cordilleran Ice Sheet at Kima' Kho Tuya (British Columbia, Canada)
James K. Russell, Benjamin R. Edwards, Marie Turnbull, and Lucy A. Porritt


Extractive Industries and Human Security: An Overview
Filipe Calvão, Christina Ankenbrand, Mirjam A.F. Ros–Tonen, and Michael D. Beevers


Secure and Lightweight Communication in Heterogeneous IoT Environments
Farhan Siddiqui, Jake Beley, Sherali Zeadally, and Grant Braught

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