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Gas Absorption in the KH 15D System: Further Evidence for Dust Settling in the Circumbinary Disk
S. M. Lawler, W. Herbst, S. Redfield, Catrina M. Hamilton-Drager, C. M. Johns-Krull, J. N. Winn, J. A. Johnson, and R. Mundt


The Light Curve of the Weakly Accreting T Tauri Binary KH 15D from 2005-2010: Insights into the Nature of its Protoplanetary Disk
William Herbst, Katherine LeDuc, Catrina M. Hamilton-Drager, Joshua N. Winn, Mansur Ibrahimov, Reinhard Mundt, and Christopher M. Johns-Krull


Extrasolar Planet Transits Observed at Kitt Peak National Observatory
Pedro V. Sada, Drake Deming, Donald E. Jennings, Brian K. Jackson, Catrina M. Hamilton-Drager, Jonathan Fraine, Steven W. Peterson, Flynn Haase, Kevin Bays, Allen Lunsford, and Eamon O'Gorman


Testing Disk-Locking in NGC 2264
P. Wilson Cauley, Christopher M. Johns-Krull, Catrina M. Hamilton-Drager, and Kelly Lockhart


Locating the Trailing Edge of the Circumbinary Ring in the KH 15D System
Holly L. Capelo, William Herbst, S. K. Leggett, Catrina M. Hamilton-Drager, and John A. Johnson


Study of Intrinsic Localized Vibrational Modes in Micromechanical Oscillator Arrays
M. Sato, B. E. Hubbard, Lars Q. English, A. J. Sievers, B. Ilic, D. A. Czaplewski, and H. G. Craighead


The Case of Liguria
Tullio Pagano


Driven Intrinsic Localized Modes in a Coupled Pendulum Array
Ritoban Basu Thakur, Lars Q. English, and A. J. Sievers

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