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Energetics of Interacting Magnetized Domains
David P. Jackson and Brennan Gantner


Controlling Fingering Instabilities in Rotating Ferrofluids
David P. Jackson and José A. Miranda


Adhesion Phenomena in Ferrofluids
José A. Miranda, Rafael M. Oliveira, and David P. Jackson


Syringe Thermodynamics: The Many Uses of a Glass Syringe
David P. Jackson and Priscilla W. Laws


Confined Ferrofluid Droplet in Crossed Magnetic Fields
David P. Jackson and J. A. Miranda


Using Research-Based Interactive Video Vignettes to Enhance Out-of-Class Learning in Introductory Physics
Priscilla W. Laws, Maxine C. Willis, David P. Jackson, Kathleen Koenig, and Robert Teese


Reminders of a Stigmatized Status Might Help Smokers Quit
Marie Helweg-Larsen, Mihir Pyakuryal, and Charlotta Pisinger


Analysis of a Deflating Soap Bubble
David P. Jackson and Sarah Sleyman


An Inquiry-Based Curriculum for Nonmajors
David P. Jackson, Priscilla W. Laws, and Scott V. Franklin

*Updated as of 12/11/19.