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A Comparative Policy Analysis of the Adoption and Implementation of Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxes (2016-2019) in 16 Countries
Georgina Mulcahy, Tara Boelsen-Robinson, Ashleigh Chanel Hart, Maria Amalia Pesantes, Mohd Jamil Sameeha, Sirinya Phulkerd, Reem F. Alsukait, and Anne Marie Thow


Assembling the Early Expansionary State: Wari and the Southern Peruvian Coast
Justin Jennings, Matthew E. Biwer, and Christina A. Conlee


Prudentius’ Psychomachia
Marc Mastrangelo


Coupled Metronomes on a Moving Platform with Coulomb Friction
Guillermo H. Goldzstein, Lars Q. English, Emma Behta, Hillel Finder, Alice N. Nadeau, and Steven H. Strogatz


Building the Cytokinetic Contractile Ring in an Early Embryo: Initiation as Clusters of Myosin II, Anillin and Septin, and Visualization of a Septin Filament Network
Chelsea Garno, Zoe H. Irons, Courtney M. Gamache, Quenelle McKim, Gabriela Reyes, Xufeng Wu, Charles B. Shuster, and John Henson


Responding to the Signal and the Noise: Behavior of Planktonic Gastropod Larvae in Turbulence
Michelle H. DiBenedetto, Karl R. Helfrich, Anthony Pires, Erik J. Anderson, and Lauren S. Mullineaux


Claire Seiler


Claire Seiler


Francis O’Hara, War Poet
Claire Seiler


Preconception Maternal Posttraumatic Stress and Child Negativie Affectivity: Prospectively Evaluating the Intergenerational Impact of Trauma
Danielle A. Swales, Elysia Poggi Davis, Nicole E. Mahrer, Christine M. Guardino, Madeleine Shalowitz, Sharon L. Ramey, and Christine Dunkel Schetter

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