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The Science Behind the ACTN3 Polymorphism
Dana J. Somers, Tiffany A. Frey, and Heather L. Lehman


How to Combat Unconcious Bias
Alice Armstrong, Sarah Bryant, Robin McCann, and Kate McGivney


Gender Politics in the Lobbying Profession
Timothy M. LaPira, Kathleen Marchetti, and Herschel F. Thomas


Equity in Mathematics Education: Five Mathematicians Reflect on the 2018 PCMI Workshop
Sarah Bryant, Christina Eubanks-Turner, Charles Moore, Sarah Reznikoff, and Josephine Yu


Fluid Dynamics of Nematocyst Prey Capture
Wanda Strychalski, Sarah Bryant, Baasansuren Jadamba, Eirini Kilikian, Xiulan Lai, Leili Shahriyari, Rebecca Segal, Ning Wei, and Laura A. Miller


Wild Bees as Winners and Losers: Relative Impacts of Landscape Composition, Quality, and Climate
Melanie Kammerer, Sarah C. Goslee, Margaret R. Douglas, John F. Tooker, and Christina M. Grozinger


Iterating for Inclusion: A Cross-Case Analysis of Three Summer Writing Programs for Youth
Kelly Chandler-Olcott, Bryan Ripley Crandall, and Elizabeth C. Lewis


Bumble Bees in Landscapes with Abundant Floral Resources Have Lower Pathogen Loads
Darin J. McNeil, Elyse McCormick, Ashley C. Heimann, Melanie Kammerer, Margaret R. Douglas, Sarah C. Goslee, Christina M. Grozinger, and Heather M. Hines


A Randomised Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Acceptability and Efficacy of an Early Phase, Online, Guided Augmentation of Outpatient Care for Adults with Anorexia Nervosa
Valentina Cardi, Gaia Albano, Suman Ambwani, Li Cao, Ross D. Crosby, Pamela Macdonald, Ulrike Schmidt, and Janet Treasure


Deeper Waters are Changing Less Consistently than Surface Waters in a Global Analysis of 102 Lakes
Rachel M. Pilla, Craig E. Williamson, Boris V. Adamovich, Rita Adrian, Orlane Anneville, Sudeep Chandra, William Colom‑Montero, Shawn P. Devlin, Margaret A. Dix, Martin T. Dokulil, Evelyn E. Gaiser, Scott F. Girdner, David Hambright, David P. Hamilton, Karl Havens, Dag O. Hessen, Scott N. Higgens, Timo H. Huttula, Hannu Huuskonen, Peter D.F. Isles, Klaus D. Joehnk, Ian D. Jones, Wendel Bill Keller, Lesley B. Knoll, Johanna Korhonen, Benjamin M. Kraemer, Peter R. Leavitt, Fabio Lepori, Martin S. Luger, Stephen C. Maberly, John M. Melack, Stephanie J. Melles, Dörthe C. Müller‑Navarra, Don C. Pierson, Helen V. Pislegina, Pierre‑Denis Plisnier, David C. Richardson, Alon Rimmer, Michela Rogora, James A. Rusak, Steven Sadro, Nico Salmaso, Jasmine E. Saros, Émilie Saulnier‑Talbot, Daniel E. Schindler, Martin Schmid, Svetlana V. Shimaraeva, Eugene A. Silow, Lewis M. Sitoki, Ruben Sommaruga, Dietmar Straile, Kristin E. Strock, Wim Thiery, Maxim A. Timofeyev, Piet Verburg, Rolf D. Vinebrooke, Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer, and Egor Zadereev


Documenting the Geometry and Magnitude of Shortening at the Allegheny Front: Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, United States
Ashley Ace, Nadine McQuarrie, Peter B. Sak, Robert Grundy, and Barrett Lavergne

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