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The Rise and Fall of Wiñaymarka: Rethinking Cultural and Environmental Interactions in the Southern Basin of Lake Titicaca
Maria C. Bruno, José M. Capriles, Christine A. Hasdorf, Sherilyn C. Fritz, D. Marie Weide, Alejandra I. Domic, and Paul A. Baker


Outcomes for Adults with Anorexia Nervosa Who Do Not Respond Early to Outpatient Treatment
Tracey Wade, Suman Ambwani, Valentina Cardi, Gaia Albano, and Janet Treasure


Acoustic Levitation and the Acoustic Radiation Force
David P. Jackson and Ming-Hua Chang


Actions of Effective Allies
Christine Bombaro, Orolando Duffus, Joe Kohlburn, Stacey Krim, and Roberto Vargas


Collaboration to Counter Fresh Water Scarcity and Promote Human Security
Michael J. Fratantuono, Sarah House, and Sam Weisman


Peach State
Adrienne Su


Stirring the Pot of Haitian History
Michel-Rolph Trouillot, Mariana F. Past, and Benjamin Hebblethwaite


Air Pollution in Pennsylvania: Community Panel
Heather Bedi, Thomas Au, Krishnan Ramamurthy, Germaine Gooden-Patterson, and Naida Elena Montes


The Science Behind the ACTN3 Polymorphism
Dana J. Somers, Tiffany A. Frey, and Heather L. Lehman


How to Combat Unconcious Bias
Alice Armstrong, Sarah Bryant, Robin McCann, and Kate McGivney


Gender Politics in the Lobbying Profession
Timothy M. LaPira, Kathleen Marchetti, and Herschel F. Thomas

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