Theses from 2021

Stress, Social Support, and Substance Use in the COVID-19 Pandemic, Freya Whittaker

Theses from 2019

Developing Into an Impostor: The Role of Intergroup Contact and Achievement Motivation among Students of Color, Meg Booth

Theses from 2018

Touch in Sexual Encounters: Perceptions of Partners’ Consent, Katherine DeBroeck

Theses from 2015

The Precariousness of Manhood and Womanhood in the U. S., Sarah Helweg DiMuccio

Theses from 2014


Disordered Eating in Female Collegiate Athletes: Investigating the Relationships Among Coaching and Parenting Styles, Psychological Needs, and Self-Determined Motivation, Parisa Renée Kaliush


Rethinking Recovery: Posttraumatic Growth Through Eating Disorder Recovery, Sara Anne Moss

Theses from 2013


What Did You Do Last Night?: How Sharing Hookup Narratives Impacts Friendships and Displays Status Among College Women, Loren Juliette Pease

The Effects of Early Diagnosis and Intervention on Success Among Postsecondary Students With Learning Disabilities, Maya Caitlin Rose

Theses from 2012


Effects of Diagnosis and Evidence Type on Insanity Defense Outcomes and Juror Perceptions, Peter Andrew Bruland


Limited Environmental Enrichment Blunts Methamphetamine Sensitization in Young Mice, Maia Thi Nguyen


Comparing Perception and Imagination at the Visual Cortex, Deana Maryann Vitrano

Theses from 2011


An Experimental Investigation of Fat Talk Among College Women, Alyssa Monika Compeau

Phantom Effects, or What Happens When I Cannot Get What I Want, Diliana Blagovestova Funtarova


Language Ability as a Mediator Between Emotion Regulation and Social Competence in Second Grade Students, W. John Monopoli

Decision-Making Between Different Sized Choice Sets: How the Number of Available Options Affects Peak Satisfaction, Creighton Taylor Putnam


Decision-Making between Different Sized Choice Sets: How the Number of Available Options Affects Peak Satisfaction, C. Taylor Putnam

Theses from 2010


Judging Smokers: How Anger and Disgust Shape Our Moral Beliefs, Bettina Mariel Cerban


Lesbian and Bisexual Women's Body Image: Negotiating Intersections of Identity, Jennifer Chmielewski


Judging Fatness: The Effects of Emotion on Moral Judgment and Moral Judgment on Emotion, Margaret Rose Tobias