Publications from 2020

Vote-by-Mail: COVID-19 and the 2020 Presidential Primaries, Sarah E. Niebler

Gubernatorial Elections and Coattail Effects of Women Candidates, Sarah E. Niebler, Kathleen M. Marchetti, and Thomas Kozdron

Chief of Style: Personal Appearance and Presidential Power, David O'Connell

The Dynamics of Congressional Popularity on Instagram, David O'Connell

Publications from 2019


AULA Blog Posts, Santiago Anria

Gender Politics in the Lobbying Profession, Timothy M. LaPira, Kathleen Marchetti, and Herschel F. Thomas

Intersectional Advocacy and Policymaking Across US States, Kathleen Marchetti


Participatory Social Policies: Diverging Patterns in Brazil and Bolivia, Sara Niedzwiecki and Santiago Anria

U.S. National Security Law: An International Perspective, Harry L. Pohlman

Publications from 2018

When Movements Become Parties: The Bolivian MAS in Comparative Perspective, Santiago Anria

The Key to Evo Morales’ Political Longevity: Why He's Outlasted Other Latin American Left-Wing Leaders, Santiago Anria and Evelyne Huber

Catholic Politicians and the Politics of Abortion Position Taking, Kathleen Marchetti and David O'Connell


#Selfie: Instagram and the United States Congress, David O'Connell


Pivoting from Obama to Trump in the Indo-Asia-Pacific, Douglas T. Stuart

Publications from 2017

Inside Revolutionary Parties: Coalition-Building and Maintenance in Reformist Bolivia, Santiago Anria and Jennifer Cyr


Distinguishing Occasional Abstention From Routine Indifference in Models of Vote Choice, Benjamin E. Bagozzi and Kathleen Marchetti


By Ground or By Air? Voter Mobilization During the United States' 2008 Presidential Campaign, Sarah E. Niebler, Jacob R. Neiheisel, and Matthew Holleque


Does Negative Advertising Affect Giving Behavior? Evidence From Campaign Contributions, Sarah E. Niebler and Carly Urban


America's Pivot to Asia: A Eulogy or an Interim Report?, Douglas T. Stuart

Restarting the Rebalance to Asia, Douglas T. Stuart


NATO's Enlargement Policy to Ukraine and Beyond: Prospects and Options, Andrew Wolff

Invitations to Intervene and the Legitimacy of EU and NATO Civilian and Military Operations, Andrew T. Wolff

Publications from 2016

Delegative Democracy Revisited: More Inclusion, Less Liberalism in Bolivia, Santiago Anria


Democratizing Democracy? Civil Society and Party Organization in Bolivia, Santiago Anria

Social Movements and Social Policy: The Bolivian Renta Dignidad, Santiago Anria and Sara Niedzwiecki

Iran and Saudi Arabia Relations, David Commins, Marybeth Ulrich, and Ed Webb

Historical and Theoretical Perspectives on Religion and Capitalism, Sabine Dreher, Peter J. Smith, and Edward Webb

iPhone vs. the FBI: Government Surveillance in the Post-Snowden Era, Amy Gaudion, John P. MacCormick, and Anthony Williams

The Rule of the Clan, Carol Horning, Mark Weiner, Andrew T. Wolff, and Erik Love

Roundtable on Election 2016, Kathleen M. Marchetti, Sarah E. Niebler, David O'Connell, and Eric Vázquez


European Identity and Diffuse Support for the European Union in a Time of Crisis : What Can We Learn From University Students?, Kristine Mitchell

BREXIT: Implications and Aftermath – Panel Discussion, Kristine Mitchell, Mark Duckenfield, and Oya Dursun-Ozkanca

Social Meanings and the Cultural Theory of Goods in Michael Walzer's Ethical Anthropology, J. Toby Reiner

The Eighth Annual Ernest May Memorial Lecture: The Pearl Harbor System at 75, Douglas T. Stuart


The Pivot to Asia: Can It Serve as the Foundation for American Grand Strategy in the 21st Century?, Douglas T. Stuart

Five Years Later: Directions in Censorship and Media Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa, Edward Webb

Islamic Social Democracy? Ennahda's Approach to Economic Development in Tunisia, Edward Webb

European Security: The Missing Piece of European Studies Curriculum in the United States, Andrew T. Wolff

Publications from 2015

What's the Payoff?: Assessing the Efficacy of Student Response Systems, Zachary D. Baumann, Kathleen Marchetti, and Benjamin Soltoff

U.S. War Powers, Amy Gaudion, Douglas Lovelace, Andrew Rudalevige, and Douglas T. Stuart

Assessing Business Advantage in Washington Lobbying, Marie Hojnacki, Kathleen M. Marchetti, Frank R. Baumgartner, Jeffrey M. Berry, David C. Kimball, and Beth L. Leech

Consider the Context: How State Policy Environments Shape Interest Group Advocacy, Kathleen Marchetti

The Use of Surveys in Interest Group Research, Kathleen Marchetti

On the Limits of Persuasion: Campaign Ads and the Structure of Voters’ Interpersonal Discussion Networks, Jacob R. Neiheisel and Sarah E. Niebler


‘Supreme Emergencies’, Ontological Holism, and Rights to Communal Membership, J. Toby Reiner

Obama's "Rebalance" in Historical Context, Douglas T. Stuart

The New US Strategy Towards Asia: Adapting to the American Pivot, William T. Tow and Douglas T. Stuart

The Future of NATO Enlargement After the Ukraine Crisis, Andrew T. Wolff

Publications from 2014

Freedom of Religion: A Debate, Kim Colby, Heather Weaver, and David O'Connell

Snowden Reflections, Amy Gaudion, Bert Tussing, Anthony Williams, and Harry Pohlman

Blindfolds Off: How Judges Decide, Gary Gildin, John E. Jones III, and Harry Pohlman

Ukraine Update, Kristine Mitchell, Karl D. Qualls, Anthony Williams, and Andrew T. Wolff


Fair and Balanced? Experimental Evidence on Partisan Bias in Grading, Paul Musgrave and Mark Rom

Ukraine?, R. Craig Nation, Karl D. Qualls, Marybeth Ulrich, and Russell Bova

In a Republic Does a Citizen Have a Duty to Vote?, Sarah E. Niebler, David O'Connell, Thomas Kozdron, and Samantha Lodge

God Wills It: Presidents and the Political Use of Religion, David O'Connell

Dollars on the Sidewalk: Should U.S. Presidential Candidates Advertise in Uncontested States?, Carly Urban and Sarah E. Niebler

Changing the Player, Not the Game: Ennahda’s Homo islamicus, Edward Webb

Media in Egypt and Tunisia: From Control to Transition?, Edward Webb

Publications from 2013

Social Movements, Party Organization, and Populism: Insights from the Bolivian MAS, Santiago Anria

Guns USA: A Teach-In, David Dworak, Thomas Place, Harry Pohlman, and Will Nelligan

Citizenship and Partisanship, Lisa Jackson, John E. Jones III, Joseph Sestak, and Douglas Edlin

The Use of Party Brand Labels in Congressional Election Campaigns, Jacob R. Neiheisel and Sarah E. Niebler


Learning (Together) with Games - Civilization and Empire, Edward Webb


Second Image (Reversed), Framing Effects, and Turkey's Gezi Park Demonstrations, Edward Webb

The ‘Church’ of Bourguiba: Nationalizing Islam in Tunisia, Edward Webb

Publications from 2012

2012 Presidential Election: The Students Want to Know, Douglas Edlin, Michael J. Fratantuono, Stephanie Gilmore, Andrew T. Wolff, and Andrew Chelsey


Holding Back The Flood: Regimes of Censorship in the Middle East & North Africa in Comparative Perspective, Edward Webb

Publications from 2011

Arab Spring, David Commins, Ed Webb, P. J. Crowley, and Sherifa Zuhur

Resisting Anamnesis: A Nietzschean Analysis of Turkey's National History Education, Edward Webb

Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism, Edward Webb

Publications from 2010

Should the Daleks Be Exterminated?, Edward Webb and Mark Wardecker

Narrow Victories and Hard Games: Revisiting the Primary Divisiveness Hypothesis, Amber Wichowski and Sarah E. Niebler

Publications from 2009


Engaging Students with Engaging Tools, Edward Webb

Publications from 2007

Terrorism and the Constitution: The Post-9/11 Cases, Harry L. Pohlman

Publications from 2005

May It Amuse the Court: Editorial Cartoons of the Supreme Court and Constitution, Michael A. Kahn and Harry L. Pohlman

Constitutional Debate in Action: Civil Rights and Liberties, Harry L. Pohlman

Constitutional Debate in Action: Criminal Justice, Harry L. Pohlman

Publications from 2004

Constitutional Debate in Action: Governmental Powers, Harry L. Pohlman

Publications from 1999

The Whole Truth? A Case of Murder on the Appalachian Trail, Harry L. Pohlman

Publications from 1997


Managing Death: The First Guide for Patients, Family Members, and Care Providers on Forgoing Treatment at the End of Life, James M. Hoefler

Publications from 1994


Deathright: Culture, Medicine, Politics, and the Right to Die, James M. Hoefler

Publications from 1993

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: Free Speech and the Living Constitution, Harry L. Pohlman

Political Thought and the American Judiciary, Harry L. Pohlman

Publications from 1984

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and Utilitarian Jurisprudence, Harry L. Pohlman