Theses from 2019


Deliberative Democracy in the #MeToo Era: A Chance to Reconcile?, Emma Spector

Theses from 2018

Effects of Armed Conflict on Women's Political Participation: A Study of Selected Civil Wars in the Arab World., Celina Natzic

Theses from 2017

Taking Consent Seriously: An Anarchist's Critique of Liberalism, Rehoboth Gesese

Theses from 2016


Speech or Sex: The Porn Debate and American Politics, Abigail May Preston


Shifting Discourses of Tolerance: The Framing of Muslim Minorities in the U.S. and the UK Before and After National Traumas, Shayna E. Solomon

Theses from 2015


Immigration Policy in Southern Europe From 1990-2010: A Comparative Perspective, Emilia Eleanor McManus

Theses from 2014


Democrats and the Death Penalty: An Analysis of State Democratic Leaders' Death Penalty Platforms and Public Opinion, Emily Louise Pryor

Theses from 2013


Electoral Authoritarianism in Putin's Russia, Caitlin Elizabeth Moriarty


Decentralization and Corruption In Sub-Saharan Africa, Maximilian Weylandt

Theses from 2012

Locke, the Declaration, and the Constitution: Natural Rights, Social Contract Theory, Property and Their Tension in the Imperfect American Founding, Christopher Lee Bowman

Dangerous Diasporas?: A Comparative Analysis of the Impact of Diasporas in the U.S. on Conflict in the Homeland, Anna Katherine Krenkel


Interest Group Branding and the Private Donation Habits of Lobbyists, Darrell Ian Pacheco

Theses from 2011


"Campaigning 2.0": New Media, Messaging, and Grassroots Organization in the 2008 Presidential Election, Abigail Phillips Adams

The Emergence and Strategic Orientations of Violent Islamist Movements: Examining the Armed Islamic Group, the Islamic Group, and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula from the Perspective of Social Movement Theory, Thomas Matthew Carey

The Pashtun Dilemma: Historical Lessons in Governance and Security for Contemporary Afghanistan, Samem Jabarkhail

The Effects of Democratization and Internet Penetration on Terrorist Recruitment, Meredith Karen Meisenheimer

China, Reform, and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Cases of Angola and Ghana, Christopher Albert Roberts

Theses from 2010


Riyals, Dinars, and Dirhams: Political Inclusion of Migrant Workers in GCC Member States, Kimberly Caitlin Blank

Judicial Influence Has No Expiration Date: An Analysis of the Natural Cycle Theory as Applied to the Supreme Court of the United States, Cynthia Lynn Polasko

Was It the Luck of the Irish?: A Comparative Analysis of the Levels of Success Attained by the Irish and Basque Nationalist Movements, Katie Lynn Stewart