Theses from 2019

Design, Construction, and Performance Testing of the RD-SAH, Julia Huddy

Active Reduction of Heat Losses Through the Glazing of a Solar Air Heater, Sophie Kirkman


Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Localized Modes in Virbrational and Magnetic Lattices, Hieu Le

Bifurcation, Symmetry Breaking, and Synchronization in a Coupled-Logistic Map Circuit, Houssem Mhiri

Theses from 2018

Double-Slit Interference with Partially-Coherent Light, Natalie Ferris

Theses from 2017


Nonlinear Dynamics of Pulsing Oscillators, Christopher B. Fritz

Characterizing Short-Period Eclipsing Binaries in the Field of NGC 2362, Tyler Richey-Yowell

Theses from 2016


Investigation of a Solar Air Heater's Conversion Efficiency and Output Power as a Function of the Grid Number, Nicole Elizabeth Fronsdahl


Numerical Simulations of High-Dimensional Mode-Coupling Models in Molecular Dynamics, Kyle Lewis Liss

Theses from 2015


Stability and ILM Formation on a One-Dimensional Lattice, Marc Julien Besson


Nonlinear Modes and Topologically Stabilized Excitations in Ferromagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Sheets, Benjamin Joseph Kimock


Demonstrations in Ultrasound Imaging and Beam Steering Using Phased Arrays, Katherine Anne Roy

Theses from 2013


Analyzing the Singularities of Freezing Sessile Water Droplets, Melia Elizabeth Bonomo

Modeling Neural Networks With Kuramoto Oscillators: Spatially Embedding Dynamically Coupled Arrays, Liam Timms

Theses from 2012


X-Ray and Optical Spectral Studies of Compton-Thin Seyferts Detected by the Swift/BAT, Stuart Russell Flury


Photometry of Under-Observed RR Lyrae Variable Stars: GM Orionis, Christine A. Welling

Theses from 2010


Exploration of the Anode Position Parameter in a Closed Drift Hall Thruster, Daniel Harrison Barnak

Quantum Optics: Implementing Hardy's Test of Local Realism, Zachary Lee Carson

Experimental Studies of Backwards-Wave Phenomena in a Nonlinear Electrical Lattice, Samuel George Wheeler