Publications from 2019


Cassandra Rios e a lésbica genuína em Eu sou uma lésbica (1980), Carolina Castellanos Gonella

Playing Fairly: The Satiric Tradition in Football Fiction from Latin America, Shawn Stein

Publications from 2018

Correntes de ouro : emigração portuguesa para a Argentina em perspectiva regional e transatlântica, Marcelo J. Borges

For the Good of the Family: Migratory Strategies and Affective Language in Portuguese Migrant Letters, 1870s-1920s, Marcelo J. Borges

Listening Low-Cost: Ethnography, the City, and the Tourist Ear, Lila Ellen Gray

Publications from 2017


A History of Angola, Jeremy Ball


Staging of Memory: Monuments, Commemoration, and the Demarcation of Portuguese Space in Colonial Angola, Jeremy Ball


The Most Desired Positions: Brazilian Female Drug Traffickers in Inferno and Falcão: Mulheres e o tráfico, Carolina Castellanos Gonella

Publications from 2016


Registering Protest: Voice, Precarity, and Return in Crisis Portugal, Lila Ellen Gray


Idols and Underdogs: An Anthology of Latin American Football Fiction, Shawn Stein, Nicolás Campisi, George Shivers, and Richard McGehee

Publications from 2015

Angola's Colossal Lie: Forced Labor on a Sugar Plantation, 1913-1977, Jeremy Ball


Beautiful Male Bodies: Gay and Male Homoerotic Relationships in Caio Fernando Abreu's Morangos Mofados, Carolina Castellanos Gonella

Publications from 2014

Movimientos Defensivos: La Figura del Entrenador en las Parábolas Futbolísticas de Juan Sasturain, Sérgio Sant’Anna y Juan Villoro, Shawn Stein


O ano em que meus pais saíram de férias de Cao Hamburger: Desmistificação ou Propagação do Mito de Democracia Racial?, Shawn Stein


Por Amor a la Pelota: Once Cracks de la Ficción Futbolera, Shawn Stein and Nicolás Campisi

Publications from 2013

Fado Resounding: Affective Politics and Urban Life, Lila Ellen Gray

Publications from 2012

"Little Storybook Town": Space and Labor in a Company Town in Colonial Angola, Jeremy R. Ball


Debasing a Pillar of Brazilian Literature: Diogo Mainardi's Polígono das Secas, Shawn Stein

Publications from 2011

"Alma Negra" (Black Soul): The Campaign for Free Labor in Angola and São Tomé, 1909-1916, Jeremy R. Ball

Fado's City, Lila Ellen Gray

Publications from 2009

Chains of Gold: Portuguese Migration to Argentina in Transatlantic Perspective, Marcelo J. Borges

Publications from 2007

"At Least in Those Days We Had Enough to Eat": Colonialism, Independence, and the Cold War in Catumbela, Angola, 1974-1977, Jeremy R. Ball

Publications from 2006


"I Escaped in a Coffin". Remembering Angolan Forced Labor from the 1940s = «Eu escapei num caixão». Recordando o Trabalho Forçado Angolano desde os anos de 1940, Jeremy Ball

Publications from 2005

Colonial Labor in Twentieth‐Century Angola, Jeremy Ball

Publications from 2000


A "Time of Clothes": The Angolan Rubber Boom, 1886-1902, Jeremy Ball