Publications from 2021

Listening for Affect: Musical Ethnography and the Challenge of/to Affect, Lila Ellen Gray

Publications from 2020

Robert Pound: Relics of Memory, Robert Pound

Publications from 2019

American and Austrian Ruins in Korngold's Symphony in F-sharp, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

George Rochberg, American Composer: Personal Trauma and Artistic Creativity, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2018

Listening Low-Cost: Ethnography, the City, and the Tourist Ear, Lila Ellen Gray

The Orbit of the Soul, Robert Pound

George Rochberg's Road to Ars Combinatoria, 1943–63, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2016


Registering Protest: Voice, Precarity, and Return in Crisis Portugal, Lila Ellen Gray

Listening Contrapuntally; or What Happened When I Went Bach to the Archives, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2015


Canterino and Improvvisatore: Oral Poetry and Performance, Blake McDowell Wilson

Sound Patrons: The Medici and Florentine Musical Life, Blake McDowell Wilson


Cavernous Impossibilities: Jewish Art Music After 1945, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Musical Witness and Holocaust Representation, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2014

Dante's Forge: Poetic Modeling and Musical Borrowing in Late Trecento Florence, Blake McDowell Wilson

Jannes, Jean Japart, and Florence, Blake McDowell Wilson


Musical Memories of Terezín in Transnational Perspective, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2013

Fado Resounding: Affective Politics and Urban Life, Lila Ellen Gray


Memory, Hither Come, Lynn Helding


The Screamed and Belted Song of the Self, Lynn Helding


Dominion of the Ear: Singing the Vernacular in Piazza San Martino, Blake McDowell Wilson

Publications from 2012


Choosing Attention, Lynn Helding


The Multitasking Monster, Lynn Helding


Tiger Teaching, Lynn Helding

If Monuments Could Sing: Image, Song, and Civic Devotion Inside Orsanmichele, Blake McDowell Wilson


Poliziano and the Language of Lament from Isaac to Layolle, Blake McDowell Wilson

National Identity After National Socialism: German Receptions of the Holocaust Cantata, Jüdische Chronik (1960/1961), Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2011

The Black Liberation Mosaic: South Africa and Mississippi, Jeremy R. Ball and Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Fado's City, Lila Ellen Gray


Creativity in Crisis?, Lynn Helding


Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants: Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age, Lynn Helding


Innate Talent: Myth or Reality?, Lynn Helding

Art Outside the Lines: New Perspectives on GDR Art Culture, Elaine Kelly and Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2010


Break a Leg! The Ironic Effect, Choking, and Other Mind Games, Lynn Helding


Master Class Syndrome, Lynn Helding

Isaac the Teacher: Pedagogy and Literacy in Florence, ca. 1488, Blake McDowell Wilson


The Testimonial Aesthetics of Different Trains, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2009

Singing Poetry in Renaissance Florence: The Cantasi Come Tradition (1375-1550), Blake McDowell Wilson

Transferring Tunes and Adjusting Lines: Leonardo Giustinian and the Giustiniana in Quattrocento Florence, Blake McDowell Wilson

Publications from 2008


Commemoration or Exploitation?: A New Recording Appropriates the Holocaust, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Excavating Eisler: Relocating the Memorial Voice in Nuit et Brouillard, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2007


"An Idea Can Never Perish": Memory, the Musical Idea, and Schoenberg’s A Survivor from Warsaw (1947), Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2006


Heinrich Isaac Among the Florentines, Blake McDowell Wilson

A Survivor From Warsaw, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Musical Holocaust Memorials: Classical Music, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Publications from 2001

Lauda, Blake McDowell Wilson

Rhetoric and Music: Up to 1750: Middle Ages and Renaissance, Blake McDowell Wilson

Publications from 2000

Italian Monophony, Blake McDowell Wilson