Theses from 2019

Dynamics of the Taylor Series Approximation of the Dixon Elliptic Functions, Mengting Chao


Maypole Braids: An Analysis Using the Annular Braid Group, Moyi Tian

Theses from 2015


Generalized Symmetric Spaces of the Modular Group Mm(2), Marc Julien Besson


Dynamics of the Real Weierstrass Elliptic Function, Katherine Anne Roy

Theses from 2014


Dynamics of a Family of Eighth-Degree Complex Polynomials, Simon Noah Feeman

On the Generalized Symmetric Spaces of the Semidihedral Groups, Kathryn Anna McAndrew Schlechtweg

Theses from 2013


Classification of Symbolic Dynamics for One-Dimensional Dynamical Systems With Overlapping Regions, Yujia Zhou

Theses from 2012


Improving the JMLE Tool's Constraint Solving on Sets, Katherine Marie Veil

Dynamics of the Complex Hyperbolic Cosine-Root Family, Haosong Wang

Theses from 2011

Adding Support for Specification Inheritance and Generic Use to the Krakatoa/Why Platform, Fabio Ariel Drucker

Symbolic Dynamics With Overlapping Partitions and Cocyclic Subshifts, Fabio Ariel Drucker


Mathematical Techniques for Assigning First-Year Seminars, Thanh Thien To