Theses from 2019

The Line between the Parent and the Child: An Analysis of the Complications Caused by Drug Addiction in the Dependency System, Michaela Zanis

Theses from 2018

Separating Church and State: A Comparative Legal Analysis of Religious Freedom in France and the United States, Jillian Paffenbarger

Theses from 2016


The Legal and Political Implications of the NYPD's Counterterrorism Operations Overseas: The International Liaison Program, Jia Ma

Theses from 2015


Systematic Pre-Execution Delay: Both a Source of and a Protection against the Arbitrary Administration of the Death Penalty in the U.S., Amy Marie Fly

Theses from 2012

Rebalancing Labor Negotiations: The Implications of Enacting Right-To-Work Laws, Jenna Wrae Long

Theses from 2011

"The Law Will Not Go Behind the Curtain": Battered Woman Syndrome, Feminist Legal Theory, and Reasonable Sex Equality in the Law, Jessica Ann Colliver


Diagnosing Delinquency: A Study of the Overrepresentation of Children With Disabilities in the Juvenile Justice System, Vicki Jaye Morris