Publications from 2020

"But the Captain is Haitian": Issues of Recognition within Ana Lydia Vega's "Encancaranublado", Mariana F. Past

Publications from 2019


AULA Blog Posts, Santiago Anria

A Physically Powerful Woman: Luzia-Homem by Domingos Olímpio, Carolina Castellanos Gonella


Cassandra Rios e a lésbica genuína em Eu sou uma lésbica (1980), Carolina Castellanos Gonella

Haiti, Principle of Hope: Parallels and Connections in the Works of C.L.R. James, Derek Walcott, Aimé Césaire, and Édouard Glissant, Philip Kaisary and Mariana F. Past


Temporal Inflection Points in Decorated Pottery: A Bayesian Refinement of the Late Formative Chronology in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia, Erik J. Marsh, Andrew P. Roddick, Maria C. Bruno, Scott C. Smith, John W. Janusek, and Christine A. Hastorf


Participatory Social Policies: Diverging Patterns in Brazil and Bolivia, Sara Niedzwiecki and Santiago Anria

Publications from 2018

When Movements Become Parties: The Bolivian MAS in Comparative Perspective, Santiago Anria

The Key to Evo Morales’ Political Longevity: Why He's Outlasted Other Latin American Left-Wing Leaders, Santiago Anria and Evelyne Huber

Correntes de ouro : emigração portuguesa para a Argentina em perspectiva regional e transatlântica, Marcelo J. Borges

Identifying Domesticated and Wild Kañawa (Chenopodium pallidicaule) in the Archeobotanical Record of the Lake Titicaca Basin of the Andes, Maria C. Bruno, Milton Pinto, and Wilfredo Rojas


Dinámicas de dominación y sumisión en Perra brava de Orfa Alarcón, Carolina Castellanos Gonella

IntCal, SHCal, or a Mixed Curve? Choosing a 14C Calibration Curve for Archaeological and Paleoenvironmental Records from Tropical South America, Erik J. Marsh, Maria C. Bruno, Sherilyn C. Fritz, Paul Baker, José M. Capriles, and Christine A. Hastorf

Publications from 2017

Inside Revolutionary Parties: Coalition-Building and Maintenance in Reformist Bolivia, Santiago Anria and Jennifer Cyr

Quinoa: Origins and Development, Maria C. Bruno


The Most Desired Positions: Brazilian Female Drug Traffickers in Inferno and Falcão: Mulheres e o tráfico, Carolina Castellanos Gonella

A ~6000 Yr Diatom Record of Mid- to Late Holocene Fluctuations in the Level of Lago Wiñaymarca, Lake Titicaca (Peru/Bolivia), D. Marie Weide, Sherilyn C. Fritz, Christine A. Hastorf, Maria C. Bruno, Paul A. Baker, Stephane Guedron, and Wout Salenbien

Publications from 2016

Delegative Democracy Revisited: More Inclusion, Less Liberalism in Bolivia, Santiago Anria


Democratizing Democracy? Civil Society and Party Organization in Bolivia, Santiago Anria

Social Movements and Social Policy: The Bolivian Renta Dignidad, Santiago Anria and Sara Niedzwiecki

Gifts from the Camelids: Archaeobotanical Insights into Camelid Pastoralism Through the Study of Dung, Maria C. Bruno and Christine A. Hastorf

Por debajo del agua: transgenerismo como performatividad de la Revolución, Carolina Castellanos Gonella

Desiring Futures in Cuban Cultural Production, Margaret G. Frohlich


Missing the Boat? Signaling Haiti's Role in Vega's "Encancaranublado", Mariana F. Past

Publications from 2015

Macrorestos botánicos de la Loma Mendoza, Maria C. Bruno

No sólo maíz: el uso diverso de recursos botánicos en la región de Cinti (Bolivia) durante la época prehispánica, Maria C. Bruno and Claudia Rivera Casanovas


Beautiful Male Bodies: Gay and Male Homoerotic Relationships in Caio Fernando Abreu's Morangos Mofados, Carolina Castellanos Gonella

El Género Chenopodium: Metodología Aplicada a la Identificación Taxonómica en Ejemplares Arqueológicos. Presentación de Casos de Estudio de La Región Sur-Andina = The Genus Chenopodium: Methods Used in Taxonomic Identification of Archaeological Specimens. A Presentation of Case Studies from the Southern Andes, María Laura López, Maria C. Bruno, and María Teresa Planella

Toussaint Louverture: Repensar un Icono, Mariana F. Past, Natalie M. Léger, David González, and Jorge Luis Hernández


Domestication and Prehistoric Distribution, María Teresa Planella, María Laura López, and Maria C. Bruno

Publications from 2014

Beyond Raised Fields: Exploring Farming Practices and Processes of Agricultural Change in the Ancient Lake Titicaca Basin of the Andes, Maria C. Bruno


Processes of Prehistoric Crop Diversification in the Lake Titicaca Basin of the South American Andes, Maria C. Bruno

Reimagining Puerto Rican History in Seva Vive, Margaret G. Frohlich

Ti difé boulé sou istoua Ayiti: Considering the Stakes of Trouillot's Earliest Work, Mariana F. Past and Benjamin Hebblethwaite

Political Centers in Context: Depositional Histories at Formative Period Kala Uyuni, Bolivia, Andrew P. Roddick, Maria C. Bruno, and Christine A. Hastorf

Publications from 2013

Social Movements, Party Organization, and Populism: Insights from the Bolivian MAS, Santiago Anria

Publications from 2012


Proyecto Qochamama?: Experiences, Perceptions, and Representations of Three Female Co-Directors at Tiwanaku, Bolivia, Maria C. Bruno, Nicole C. Couture, and Deborah E. Blom

Diversity of Cultivars and Other Plant Resources Used at Habitation Sites in the Llanos de Mojos, Beni, Bolivia: Evidence from Macrobotanical Remains, Starch Grains, and Phytoliths, Ruth Dickau, Maria C. Bruno, José Iriarte, Heiko Prümers, Carla Jaimes Betancourt, Irene Holst, and Francis E. Mayle

What of Unnatural Bodies? The Discourse of Nature in Lucía Puenzo’s XXY and El niño pez/The Fish Child, Margaret G. Frohlich

Publications from 2011


Farmers' Experience and Knowledge: Utilizing Soil Diversity to Mitigate Rainfall Variability on the Taraco Peninsula, Bolivia, Maria C. Bruno

Diversity in Andean Chenopodium Domestication: Describing a New Morphological Type from La Barca, Bolivia 1300-1250 B.C., BrieAnna S. Langlie, Christine A. Hastorf, Maria C. Bruno, Marc Bermann, Renée M. Bonzani, and William Castellón Condarco

Books from 2010

The Fence: The View From Tijuana, Guillermo Alonso Meneses

Integrated Contextual Approaches to Understanding Past Activities Using Plant and Animal Remains from Kala Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, Katherine Moore, Maria C. Bruno, José M. Capriles, and Christine Hastorf


Pen as Sword: Combating the Historical Record in Fignolé’s Moi, Toussaint Louverture, avec La Plume Complice de L'Auteur, Mariana F. Past

Publications from 2009


Chains of Gold: Portuguese Migration to Argentina in Transatlantic Perspective, Marcelo J. Borges

Carbonized Plant Remains from Loma Salvatierra, Department of Beni, Bolivia, Maria C. Bruno

Publications from 2008

On Frankétienne: The Course of an Opus, Jean Jonassaint, Christopher W. Lemelin, and Mariana F. Past

Publications from 2007


Excavations in the AQ (Ayrampu Qontu) Sector, Maria C. Bruno

Publications from 2004


Toussaint on Trial in Ti Difé Boulé Sou Istoua Ayiti, or the People's Role in the Haitian Revolution, Mariana F. Past

Conmemoración Como Enjuiciamiento: el Cuestionamiento a los Líderes de la Revolución Haitiana en la Narrativa Contemporánea, Mariana F. Past and Aida Bahr

Toussaint Enjuiciado: Ti Difé Boulé Sou Istoua Ayiti, o el Papel del Pueblo en la Revolución Haitiana, Mariana F. Past and Jorge Luis Hernandez