Publications from 2019

'From Cabinda to Cunene': Monuments and the Construction of Angolan Nationalism Since 1975, Jeremy Ball

"The Shame of Our Whole Judicial System": George Crockett Jr., the New Bethel Shoot-In, and the Nation's Jim Crow Judiciary, Say Burgin

"General Jackson is Dead": Dissecting a Popular Anecdote of Nineteenth-Century Party Leadership, Matthew Pinsker


Defining the Ideal Soviet Childhood: Reportage About Child Evacuees from Spain as Didactic Literature, Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2018

Correntes de ouro : emigração portuguesa para a Argentina em perspectiva regional e transatlântica, Marcelo J. Borges

For the Good of the Family: Migratory Strategies and Affective Language in Portuguese Migrant Letters, 1870s-1920s, Marcelo J. Borges

Migrant Letters: Emotional Language, Mobile Identities, and Writing Practices in Historical Perspective, Marcelo J. Borges and Sonia Cancian

Publications from 2017


A History of Angola, Jeremy Ball


Staging of Memory: Monuments, Commemoration, and the Demarcation of Portuguese Space in Colonial Angola, Jeremy Ball


From Hooligans to Disciplined Students: Displacement, Resettlement, and Role Modelling of Spanish Civil War Children in the Soviet Union, 1937-51, Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2016

The Mission and the Kingdom: Wahhabi Power Behind the Saudi Throne, David Commins

Iran and Saudi Arabia Relations, David Commins, Marybeth Ulrich, and Ed Webb

Cataloging Nature: Standardizing Fruit Varieties in the United States, 1800–1860, Emily Pawley


The Point of Perfection: Cattle Portraiture, Bloodlines, and the Meaning of Breeding, 1760-1860, Emily Pawley


De 'Niños de la Guerra' a Jóvenes Soviéticos: Educación, Aculturación y Paternalismo, 1939-1945, Karl D. Qualls

Time Capsule 0: Trailer Video, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 1: Marxism, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 2: Russian Revolutionaries, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 3: Modernity, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 4: World War I Alliances, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 5: Interwar Science and Art, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 6: Interwar Politics, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 7: The Industrial Revolution, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 8: The Cold War, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsule 9: Romanticism, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec

Time Capsules: Report from Behind the Scenes, Karl D. Qualls and Aleks Syniec


Science in Early America: Print Culture and the Sciences of Territoriality, Conevery Bolton Valencius, David I. Spanagel, Emily Pawley, Sara Stidstone Gronim, and Paul Lucier

Publications from 2015

Angola's Colossal Lie: Forced Labor on a Sugar Plantation, 1913-1977, Jeremy Ball

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Alex Bates, Shawn Bender, Claire Seiler, W. Evan Young, and Shogo Nishikawa


From Wahhabi to Salafi, David Commins

Islam in Saudi Arabia, David Commins


Forgotten Abolitionist: John A. J. Creswell of Maryland, John M. Osborne and Christine Bombaro


Manufacturing Local Identification Behind the Iron Curtain in Sevastopol After the Second World War, Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2014

World War I: The Consequences, David Commins, Dominique Laurent, Douglas Mastriano, Wendy Moffat, and Crystal Moten

Historical Dictionary of Syria, David Commins and David W. Lesch

World War I: The Causes, Kamaal Haque, Craig Nation, Michael Neiberg, and Karl D. Qualls

Ukraine Update, Kristine Mitchell, Karl D. Qualls, Anthony Williams, and Andrew T. Wolff

Ukraine?, R. Craig Nation, Karl D. Qualls, Marybeth Ulrich, and Russell Bova


Lincoln and the Lessons of Party Leadership, Matthew Pinsker


From Niños to Soviets? Raising Spanish Refugee Children in House No. 1, 1937-1951, Karl D. Qualls


The Crimean War’s Long Shadow: Urban Biography and the Reconstruction of Sevastopol after World War II, Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2013

Агитировать и создавать условия: перепланировка города-героя Севастополя, 1944–1953 гг. [To Agitate and to Render Service: Replanning the Hero-City Sevastopol, 1944-1953], Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2012

"Little Storybook Town": Space and Labor in a Company Town in Colonial Angola, Jeremy R. Ball

Arab Salafism, David Commins

Taḳī al-Dīn al-Nabhānī, David Commins

The Gulf States: A Modern History, David Commins

Austin Stoneman: The Birth of a Nation's American Tragic Hero, Stephen Weinberger

From Censors to Critics: Representing "The People", Stephen Weinberger

Publications from 2011

"Alma Negra" (Black Soul): The Campaign for Free Labor in Angola and São Tomé, 1909-1916, Jeremy R. Ball

Wahhabism, David Commins

Arab Spring, David Commins, Ed Webb, P. J. Crowley, and Sherifa Zuhur


Who Makes Local Memories?: The Case of Sevastopol after World War II, Karl D. Qualls

Історія, міське планування та творення повоєнного Севастопол [History, Urban Planning and the Making of Postwar Sevastopol], Karl D. Qualls

The Birth of a Nation and the Making of the NAACP, Stephen Weinberger

Publications from 2010

The ‘Three Crosses’ of Mission Work: Fifty Years of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM) in Angola, 1880-1930, Jeremy Ball

Osama bin Laden's Declaration of Jihad Against Americans (1996), David Commins


Saudi Arabia, Southern Arabia and the Gulf States from the First World War, David Commins

Создание и реконструкция памяти города-героя: Севастополь, 1944–2004 [The Creation and Reconstruction of Monuments in the City of Heroes: Sevastopol 1944-2004.], Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2009

Chains of Gold: Portuguese Migration to Argentina in Transatlantic Perspective, Marcelo J. Borges

Contestation and Authority in Wahhabi Polemics, David Commins

Islam in the Middle East and North Africa, David Commins

Salafist Islam, David Commins

The Resiliency of Empire: Political Identities in Late Ottoman Syria, David Commins

Wahhabis, Sufis and Salafis in Early Twentieth Century Damascus, David Commins


Traveling Today through Sevastopol's Past: Postcommunist Continuity in a "Ukrainian" Cityscape, Karl D. Qualls

Joe Breen, The Ayatollah Khomeni, and Film Censorship, Stephen Weinberger

Publications from 2008

Le Salafisme en Arabie Saoudite, David Commins

Publications from 2007

"At Least in Those Days We Had Enough to Eat": Colonialism, Independence, and the Cold War in Catumbela, Angola, 1974-1977, Jeremy R. Ball

Neorealism, Iranian Style, Stephen Weinberger

Publications from 2006


"I Escaped in a Coffin". Remembering Angolan Forced Labor from the 1940s = «Eu escapei num caixão». Recordando o Trabalho Forçado Angolano desde os anos de 1940, Jeremy Ball

Al-Manār and Popular Religion in Syria, 1898-1920, David Commins

Syria, David Commins

The Wahhabi Mission and Saudi Arabia, David Commins


"Where Each Stone Is History": Travel Guides in Sevastopol after World War II, Karl D. Qualls


The Cyclist (Bicycleran), Stephen Weinberger

Publications from 2005

Colonial Labor in Twentieth‐Century Angola, Jeremy Ball

Traditional Anti-Wahhabi Hanbalism in Nineteenth-Century Arabia, David Commins


Joe Breen's Oscar, Stephen Weinberger

Publications from 2004


Whose History is "Our" History? The Influence of Naval Power in Sevastopol's Reconstruction, 1944-1953, Karl D. Qualls

It's Not Easy Being Pink: Tarantino's Ultimate Professional, Stephen Weinberger

Publications from 2003


Imagining Sevastopol: History and Postwar Community Construction, 1942–1953, Karl D. Qualls


The Russian Revolutions: The Impact and Limitations of Western Influence, Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2002


Guiding Mankind to Act on the Basis of Telegraphic Messages, Jamal al-Din al-Qasimi and David Commins


Accommodation and Agitation in Sevastopol: Redefining Socialist Space in the Postwar 'City of Glory', Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2001


Local-Outsider Negotiations in Postwar Sevastopol's Reconstruction, 1944-53, Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2000


A "Time of Clothes": The Angolan Rubber Boom, 1886-1902, Jeremy Ball