Theses from 2020


“To Be or Not to Be”: Paradoxical Representations of Women in LUCE News Broadcasts and “White Telephone” Films during the Fascist Ventennio, Sophia Scorcia

Embattled Enforcement: U.S. Commissioners and the Failures of the Fugitive Slave Law, 1850-1854, Cooper Wingert

Theses from 2019


Charles de Gaulle and the “Forever Abandoned”: Conceptualizations of Empire and French Identity, Julien Herpers

James Miller McKim and the Abolitionists' Civil War, Becca Stout

Theses from 2018

In the Hands of Its Mothers: Georgia Swift King, Temperance, and the Challenges of African American Progressivism, Sarah Goldberg

Theses from 2016

"The Beds Are Full But All The Occupants Are Getting Better”: An Institutional History of Medicine at the Carlisle Indian School, Frank Charles Vitale IV

Theses from 2015

“Child’s Play?”: The Role of Children in the 1918 Influenza Epidemic in New Zealand, Kathleen Jane Lange

Female Playwrights of the Restoration: The Relationship between Society and Writer, Victoria Lynne Waldron

Theses from 2014

Communist, Foreigner, Résistant?: Post-War Commemoration of Missak Manouchian and Marcel Langer, Darcy Colleen Benson

Theses from 2012


The Forgotten Lobby: Advocates for India in the U.S. During World War II, Rebecca Burton Solnit

Theses from 2011

The Populist Rhetoric of American Politics: Conservative and Democratic Discourse as Seen Through the Tea Party and Populist Movements, Alexander Patton Bloom

Theses from 2010


I Have Not Told the Worst by any Means. It Could Not Be Put in Print: The Transatlantic Voyage of Euro-Immigrants To the United States, 1841-1900, Denise Rose Del Gaudio


Found in Translation: Dr. Julia Morgan and the Adaptation of Protestant Missions in China, Anna K. Lovett

Polemical Rhetoric in the American Revolution, Elizabeth Margaret Schroll


The People's Aristocrat: Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy and Russian Populism, Eric Matthew Souder