Events from 2017

A Call for Empowerment: Intellectually Disabled Persons and Sexual Expression, Danielle Melnick

Submissions from 2011


Analysis of Barriers to Childhood Immunization Compliance in Patients Served by a Community Health Center, Priscilla Colon, Mimi Frohman, Stephanie Neal, Steven Qiu, Garrett Shields, and Kim Vaccaro


Observational Analysis of Compliance with the PA Act 124 Anti-idling Legislation, Ian Crimmins, Angela Guy, Kaitlyn Moore, Aleksandra Pyra, Caitlin Ruggeri, and Chan Voong

Submissions from 2010


Patient Satisfaction at the Sadler Health Center Corporation, Johnathan Nieves, Marleni Milla, Alison Riehm, and Molly Foltzer