Publications from 2021

»Barbara«: Images of Outsiders in Christian Petzold's Film and Hermann Broch's Novella, Sarah McGaughey

Image, Language, Science: Hieroglyphs and the Romantic Quest for Primordial Truth, Antje Pfannkuchen

Publications from 2020

Arnold Fanck, He Directed Glaciers, Storms, and Avalanches: A Film Pioneer Recounts (1973)---Excerpts, Kamaal Haque

Franz Hohler’s Die Steinflut: The Lessons of Man-Made Ecological Catastrophe, Kamaal Haque

An Experiment in ,Zivilisationskritik': Carl Dallago and Hermann Broch's Vision of Nature in Die Verzauberung, Sarah McGaughey

Publications from 2019

Introduction: Broch's Life and Works, Graham Bartram and Sarah McGaughey

A Companion to the Works of Hermann Broch, Graham Bartram, Sarah McGaughey, and Galin Tihanov

Publications from 2018

The Technological Introject: Friedrich Kittler Between Implementation and the Incalculable, Jeffrey Champlin and Antje Pfannkuchen

Managing the Literary Household: Writing Haushalt in Broch's Early Work, Sarah McGaughey

A Science of Hieroglyphs, or the Test of Bildung, Antje Pfannkuchen

Publications from 2017

"Herr Professor, Please: We'd Rather Stay in Asia": Ali Khan Shirvanshir and the Spaces of Baku, Kamaal Haque

Kitchen Stories: Literary and Architectural Reflections on Modern Kitchens in Central Europe, Sarah McGaughey

Schlafwandlerische Innenräume: Salons und Arbeitszimmer in Brochs Die Schlafwandler, Sarah McGaughey

The Dynamic Polarity of Romantic Light, Antje Pfannkuchen

Writing Polarities: Romanticism and the Dynamic Unity of Poetry and Science, Antje Pfannkuchen and Leif Weatherby

Publications from 2016

Ornament as Crisis: Architecture, Design, and Modernity in Hermann Broch's The Sleepwalkers, Sarah McGaughey


A Matter of Visibility—G. Chr. Lichtenberg's Art and Science of Observation, Antje Pfannkuchen

Publications from 2015

"Damals gingen die Schnulzen eben gut:" Luis Trenker and the Heimatfilm, Kamaal Haque

Hermann-Broch-Bibliographie (1985–2014), Sarah McGaughey

Books from 2014

World War I: The Causes, Kamaal Haque, Craig Nation, Michael Neiberg, and Karl D. Qualls

Publications from 2012

"Haus in Rosen" or Urban Apartment: The Domestic Interior in Hermann Broch's Schlafwandler, Sarah McGaughey

Publications from 2009

Ornament: Brochs Stil-Konzept und die Architektur-Diskurse seiner Zeit, Sarah McGaughey

Publications from 2008

Hermann Broch und Ea von Allesch: Möbel und Mode, Sarah McGaughey

Publications from 2007

Black German Studies: Curriculum Initiatives for Diversity in German Studies, Sarah McGaughey