Publications from 2014

Reimagining Puerto Rican History in Seva Vive, Margaret G. Frohlich

Confronting Genocide in Rwanda: Dehumanization, Denial, and Strategies for Prevention, Jean-Damascène Gasanabo, David J. Simon, and Margee Ensign


Potential C-terminal-domain Inhibitors of Heat Shock Protein 90 Derived from a C-terminal Peptide Helix, Jason Gavenonis, Nicholas E. Jonas, and Joshua A. Kritzer


Comprehensive Analysis of Loops at Protein-Protein Interfaces for Macrocycle Design, Jason Gavenonis, Bradley A. Sheneman, Timothy R. Siegert, Matthew R. Eshelman, and Joshua A. Kritzer

Blindfolds Off: How Judges Decide, Gary Gildin, John E. Jones III, and Harry Pohlman


Measuring Eating Disorder Attitudes and Behaviors: A Reliability Generalization Study, David H. Gleaves, Crystal A. Pearson, Suman Ambwani, and Leslie C. Morey

The Ridges of Europa: Extensions of Adjacent Topography onto their Flanks, Richard Greenberg and Peter B. Sak

World War I: The Causes, Kamaal Haque, Craig Nation, Michael Neiberg, and Karl D. Qualls

Does Moralization Motivate Smokers to Quit? A Longitudinal Study of Representative Samples of Smokers in the United States and Denmark, Marie Helweg-Larsen


Chemical Alternatives Assessment: The Case of Flame Retardants, Gregory J. Howard

Evolution of a Subglacial Basaltic Lava Flow Field: Tennena Volcanic Center, Mount Edziza Volcanic Complex, British Columbia, Canada, Jefferson D.G. Hungerford, Benjamin R. Edwards, Ian P. Skilling, and Barry I. Cameron

ASTER and DEM Change Assessment of Glaciers Near Hoodoo Mountain, British Columbia, Canada, Jeffrey S. Kargel, Gregory J. Leonard, Roger D. Wheate, and Benjamin R. Edwards


Energy, Global Warming, and Student Behavior, Marcus M. Key, Jr.

Use of Fossil Bryozoans as Provenance Indicators for Dimension Stones, Marcus M. Key, Jr. and Patrick N. Wyse Jackson

Use of Fossil Bryozoans in Sourcing Lithic Artifacts, Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Patrick N. Wyse Jackson; Lauren W. Falvey; and Barbara J. Roth


Examples of Parametrized Families of Elliptic Functions With Empty Fatou Sets, Lorelei Koss

Writing and Information Literacy in a Cryptology First-Year Seminar, Lorelei Koss


Tailoring Information Literacy Instruction With International Flair: Partnering For Global Reach, Anna Kozlowska


Cumberlocal [video], Brenda Landis

Il Caso Starbucks: L'Italiano Come Lingua di Commercio e di Cultura Negli Stati Uniti, Luca Lanzilotta


Alan Turing and the Turing Test, John P. MacCormick

Should Pennsylvania Legalize Marijuana?, Marc Mastrangelo, Crispin Sartwell, Willa Hut, Will Nelligan, and Alex Toole


A Pivotal Issue, Jeffrey D. McCausland

Philosophical Progression, Causality, and the “Principles” of Dante’s Commedia, James F. McMenamin

Ukraine Update, Kristine Mitchell, Karl D. Qualls, Anthony Williams, and Andrew T. Wolff

A Novel Approach to Lead Isotope Provenance Studies of Tin and Bronze: Applications to South African, Botswanan and Romanian Artifacts, Lisa J. Molofsky, David Killick, Mihai N. Ducea, Monica Macovei, John T. Chesley, Joaquin Ruiz, Alyson M. Thibodeau, and Gheorghe C. Popescu


Fair and Balanced? Experimental Evidence on Partisan Bias in Grading, Paul Musgrave and Mark Rom

In a Republic Does a Citizen Have a Duty to Vote?, Sarah E. Niebler, David O'Connell, Thomas Kozdron, and Samantha Lodge

God Wills It: Presidents and the Political Use of Religion, David O'Connell

Ti difé boulé sou istoua Ayiti: Considering the Stakes of Trouillot's Earliest Work, Mariana F. Past and Benjamin Hebblethwaite

Effect of Natural Disasters on Local Nonprofit Activity, Anita A. Pena, Sammy Zahran, Anthony Underwood, and Stephan Weiler


Bishop's Correspondence, Siobhan K. Phillips


Notes on a Chronic Illness, Siobhan K. Phillips


Lincoln and the Lessons of Party Leadership, Matthew Pinsker

Geochemical and Lithostratigraphic Constraints on the Formation of Pillow-Dominated Tindars from Undirhlíðar Quarry, Reykjanes Peninsula, Southwest Iceland, Meagan Pollock, Benjamin R. Edwards, Steinunn Hauksdóttir, Rebecca Alcorn, and Lindsey Bowman


From Niños to Soviets? Raising Spanish Refugee Children in House No. 1, 1937-1951, Karl D. Qualls


The Crimean War’s Long Shadow: Urban Biography and the Reconstruction of Sevastopol after World War II, Karl D. Qualls

Biopolitics and Disposable Bodies: A Critical Reading of Almazán’s Entre perros, Héctor A. Reyes-Zaga


Hudson College, Scenario A: Talent Management, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario A: Talent Management, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario B: Employee Engagement, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario B: Employee Engagement, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario C: Performance Management, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario C: Performance Management, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario D: Title IX, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario D: Title IX, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario E: Employee Benefits, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Hudson College, Scenario E: Employee Benefits, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio


Gabriel’s Paper Horn, David S. Richeson

Construyendo la historia nacional: Una vez Argentina de Andrés Neuman, Antonio Rivas Bonillo

Sobre una presencia incongruente: el rastro de los costumbristas en la obra de Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Antonio Rivas Bonillo

Political Centers in Context: Depositional Histories at Formative Period Kala Uyuni, Bolivia, Andrew P. Roddick, Maria C. Bruno, and Christine A. Hastorf

Retórica y Retrato: El Caso de La Gitanilla, Alberto J. Rodríguez

Challenging Global Gender Violence: The Global Clothesline Project, Susan D. Rose


Tuyas: A Descriptive Genetic Classification, J.K. Russell, Benjamin R. Edwards, Lucy Porritt, and C. Ryane

Cervantes Novelador: Las Novelas Ejemplares Cuatrocientos Años Después, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

Disappearing into the Night of Buenos Aires, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

La ilustre fregona y Las dos doncellas de Cervantes: el despotismo de la tradición y la identidad, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

Palabras Preliminares, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

Sirena(s): Poesía extranjera fundamental en traducción castellana, Jorge R.G. Sagastume


Significance of the Deformation History within the Hinge Zone of the Pennsylvania Salient, Appalachian Mountains, Peter B. Sak, Mary Beth Gray, and Zeshan Ismat

Response of Cyclotella Species to Nutrients and Incubation Depth in Arctic Lakes, Jasmine E. Saros, Kristin E. Strock, Joan Mccue, Erika Hogan, and N. John Anderson

How to Escape: Magic, Madness, Beauty, and Cynicism, Crispin Sartwell


David Hume, History Painter, Jacob Sider Jost

TEM for Characterization of Nanowires and Nanorods, Sarah K. St. Angelo

Movimientos Defensivos: La Figura del Entrenador en las Parábolas Futbolísticas de Juan Sasturain, Sérgio Sant’Anna y Juan Villoro, Shawn Stein


O ano em que meus pais saíram de férias de Cao Hamburger: Desmistificação ou Propagação do Mito de Democracia Racial?, Shawn Stein


Por Amor a la Pelota: Once Cracks de la Ficción Futbolera, Shawn Stein and Nicolás Campisi

The Personal Media Collection in an Era of Connected Viewing, Gregory Steirer

Decadal Trends Reveal Recent Acceleration in the Rate of Recovery from Acidification in the Northeastern U.S, Kristin E. Strock, Sarah J. Nelson, Jeffrey S. Kahl, Jasmine E. Saros, and William H. McDowell

Raspberry Patch, Adrienne Su

Sentimental Immunity: The Animal Poem, Adrienne Su


Synchronization in Phase-Coupled Kuramoto Oscillator Networks with Axonal Delay and Synaptic Plasticity, L. Timms and Lars Q. English

Dollars on the Sidewalk: Should U.S. Presidential Candidates Advertise in Uncontested States?, Carly Urban and Sarah E. Niebler

Changing the Player, Not the Game: Ennahda’s Homo islamicus, Edward Webb

Media in Egypt and Tunisia: From Control to Transition?, Edward Webb

Modern Human Biological Adaptations to High-Altitude Environments in the Andean Archaeological Record, Karen J. Weinstein

Time-Dependent Effects of Prazosin on the Development of Methamphetamine Conditioned Hyperactivity and Context-Specific Sensitization in Mice, André O. White and Anthony S. Rauhut

Dante's Forge: Poetic Modeling and Musical Borrowing in Late Trecento Florence, Blake McDowell Wilson

Jannes, Jean Japart, and Florence, Blake McDowell Wilson

Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments, Amy E. Witter, Minh H. Nguyen, Sunil Baidar, and Peter B. Sak

Reply to Letter on “Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments.'", Amy E. Witter and Peter B. Sak

Response to O’Reilly’s Second Letter to the Editor on “Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments'", Amy E. Witter and Peter B. Sak


Musical Memories of Terezín in Transnational Perspective, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Epizoic Bryozoans on Cephalopods Through the Phanerozoic: A Review, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Marcus M. Key, Jr.

Epizoozoan Trepostome Bryozoans on Nautiloids from the Upper Ordovician (Katian) of the Cincinnati Arch Region, U.S.A.: An Assessment of Growth, Form, and Water Flow Dynamics, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; and Stephen P. Coakley

Transfeminist Psychology, Megan R. Yost and T. Evan Smith

Evidence That the Accuracy of Self-Reported Lead Emissions Data Improved: A Puzzle and Discussion, Sammy Zahran, Terrence Iverson, Stephan Weiler, and Anthony Underwood

Publications from 2013

Socially Desirable Responding By Bariatric Surgery Candidates During Psychological Assessment, Suman Ambwani, Abbe G. Boeka, Joshua D. Brown, T. Karl Byrne, Amanda R. Budak, David B. Sarwer, Anthony N. Fabricatore, Leslie C. Morey, and Patrick M. O'Neil

Weighing the Evidence: Social Desirability, Eating Disorder Symptomatology, and Accuracy of Self-reported Body Weight Among Men and Women, Suman Ambwani and Jennifer Chmielewski

Social Movements, Party Organization, and Populism: Insights from the Bolivian MAS, Santiago Anria

Seabiscuit, Sarah D. Bair


Allusive Confessions: The Literary Lives of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, David M. Ball

Los fracasos de Chris Ware, David M. Ball

Environmental Mis-Assessment, Development and Mining in Orissa, India, Heather Plumridge Bedi

Special Economic Zones: National Land Challenges, Localized Protest, Heather Plumridge Bedi

A Move to Bring Staff Scholars Out of the Shadows, Donna M. Bickford and Anne Mitchell Whisnant


Getting in Shape: Controlling Peptide Bioactivity and Bioavailability Using Conformational Constraints, Jonathan E. Bock, Jason Gavenonis, and Joshua A. Kritzer


The Mixxer, Todd Bryant


The Mixxer: Connecting Students with Native Speakers via Skype, Todd Bryant