Publications from 2014

How to Escape: Magic, Madness, Beauty, and Cynicism, Crispin Sartwell


David Hume, History Painter, Jacob Sider Jost

TEM for Characterization of Nanowires and Nanorods, Sarah K. St. Angelo

Movimientos Defensivos: La Figura del Entrenador en las Parábolas Futbolísticas de Juan Sasturain, Sérgio Sant’Anna y Juan Villoro, Shawn Stein


O ano em que meus pais saíram de férias de Cao Hamburger: Desmistificação ou Propagação do Mito de Democracia Racial?, Shawn Stein


Por Amor a la Pelota: Once Cracks de la Ficción Futbolera, Shawn Stein and Nicolás Campisi

The Personal Media Collection in an Era of Connected Viewing, Gregory Steirer

Decadal Trends Reveal Recent Acceleration in the Rate of Recovery from Acidification in the Northeastern U.S, Kristin E. Strock, Sarah J. Nelson, Jeffrey S. Kahl, Jasmine E. Saros, and William H. McDowell

Raspberry Patch, Adrienne Su

Sentimental Immunity: The Animal Poem, Adrienne Su


Synchronization in Phase-Coupled Kuramoto Oscillator Networks with Axonal Delay and Synaptic Plasticity, L. Timms and Lars Q. English

Dollars on the Sidewalk: Should U.S. Presidential Candidates Advertise in Uncontested States?, Carly Urban and Sarah E. Niebler

Changing the Player, Not the Game: Ennahda’s Homo islamicus, Edward Webb

Media in Egypt and Tunisia: From Control to Transition?, Edward Webb

Modern Human Biological Adaptations to High-Altitude Environments in the Andean Archaeological Record, Karen J. Weinstein

Time-Dependent Effects of Prazosin on the Development of Methamphetamine Conditioned Hyperactivity and Context-Specific Sensitization in Mice, André O. White and Anthony S. Rauhut

Dante's Forge: Poetic Modeling and Musical Borrowing in Late Trecento Florence, Blake McDowell Wilson

Jannes, Jean Japart, and Florence, Blake McDowell Wilson

Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments, Amy E. Witter, Minh H. Nguyen, Sunil Baidar, and Peter B. Sak

Reply to Letter on “Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments.'", Amy E. Witter and Peter B. Sak

Response to O’Reilly’s Second Letter to the Editor on “Coal-Tar-Based Sealcoated Pavement: A Major PAH Source to Urban Stream Sediments'", Amy E. Witter and Peter B. Sak


Musical Memories of Terezín in Transnational Perspective, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

Epizoic Bryozoans on Cephalopods Through the Phanerozoic: A Review, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson and Marcus M. Key, Jr.

Epizoozoan Trepostome Bryozoans on Nautiloids from the Upper Ordovician (Katian) of the Cincinnati Arch Region, U.S.A.: An Assessment of Growth, Form, and Water Flow Dynamics, Patrick N. Wyse Jackson; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; and Stephen P. Coakley

Transfeminist Psychology, Megan R. Yost and T. Evan Smith

Evidence That the Accuracy of Self-Reported Lead Emissions Data Improved: A Puzzle and Discussion, Sammy Zahran, Terrence Iverson, Stephan Weiler, and Anthony Underwood

Publications from 2013

Socially Desirable Responding By Bariatric Surgery Candidates During Psychological Assessment, Suman Ambwani, Abbe G. Boeka, Joshua D. Brown, T. Karl Byrne, Amanda R. Budak, David B. Sarwer, Anthony N. Fabricatore, Leslie C. Morey, and Patrick M. O'Neil

Weighing the Evidence: Social Desirability, Eating Disorder Symptomatology, and Accuracy of Self-reported Body Weight Among Men and Women, Suman Ambwani and Jennifer Chmielewski

Social Movements, Party Organization, and Populism: Insights from the Bolivian MAS, Santiago Anria

Seabiscuit, Sarah D. Bair


Allusive Confessions: The Literary Lives of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, David M. Ball

Los fracasos de Chris Ware, David M. Ball

Environmental Mis-Assessment, Development and Mining in Orissa, India, Heather Plumridge Bedi

Special Economic Zones: National Land Challenges, Localized Protest, Heather Plumridge Bedi

A Move to Bring Staff Scholars Out of the Shadows, Donna M. Bickford and Anne Mitchell Whisnant


Getting in Shape: Controlling Peptide Bioactivity and Bioavailability Using Conformational Constraints, Jonathan E. Bock, Jason Gavenonis, and Joshua A. Kritzer


The Mixxer, Todd Bryant


The Mixxer: Connecting Students with Native Speakers via Skype, Todd Bryant

Psychosocial Influences on Bisexual Women's Body Image: Negotiating Gender and Sexuality, Jennifer F. Chmielewski and Megan R. Yost

The Effects of Fat Talk on Body Dissatisfaction and Eating Behavior: The Moderating Role of Dietary Restraint, Alyssa Compeau and Suman Ambwani


Liminality: Niagara Falls, Daniel G. Cozort

Teaching Culture, Health, and Political Economy in the Field: Ground-Level Perspectives on Africa in the 21st Century, James G. Ellison


A Nonlinear Electrical Resonator as a Simple Touch-Sensitive Switch with Memory, Lars Q. English, Mauro David Lifschitz, and Sunil Acharya


Nonlinear Localized Modes in Two-dimensional Electrical Lattices, Lars Q. English, F. Palmero, J. F. Stormes, J. Cuevas, R. Carretero-González, and P. G. Kevrekidis


Physical Activity Performance of Focal Middle School Students, Stephen E. Erfle and Corey M. Gelbaugh


Academia's Anti-Fat Problem, Amy Erdman Farrell


"But My Physics Teacher Said..." A Mathematical Approach to a Physical Problem, Jeffrey Forrester, Jennifer B. Schaefer, and Barry Tesman

Improving the Quality of the Assignment of Students to First-Year Seminars, Richard J. Forrester, Kevin Hutson, and Thanh To

Measuring 'Orthorexia': Development of the Eating Habits Questionnaire, David H. Gleaves, Erin C. Graham, and Suman Ambwani

Fado Resounding: Affective Politics and Urban Life, Lila Ellen Gray


Memory, Hither Come, Lynn Helding


The Screamed and Belted Song of the Self, Lynn Helding


Contrasting Theories of Interaction in Epidemiology and Toxicology, Gregory J. Howard and Thomas F. Webster


The Tomato Packer's Recess, Carol Ann Johnston


A Reflection on the Work of Late Yale Professor Sam See, Sarah E. Kersh

Stable Isotope Profiling in Modern Marine Bryozoan Colonies Across the Isthmus of Panama, Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Paige M. Hollenbeck; Aaron O'Dea; and William P. Patterson

Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of the Early to Middle Miocene Central Paratethys Using Stable Isotopes from Bryozoan Skeletons, Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Kamil Zágoršek; and William P. Patterson

Economic Adversity and Depressive Symptoms in Mothers: Do Marital Status and Perceived Social Support Matter?, Sharon Kingston

What's the Buzz: New Tobacco Products Draw Youth's Attention, Sharon Kingston

Parent Involvement in Education as a Moderator of Family and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Context on School Readiness Among Young Children, Sharon Kingston, Keng Yen Huang, Esther Calzada, Spring Dawson-McClure, and Laurie Brotman


The Italian Influence on Robert Ferro, Luca Lanzilotta

The Effects of Language Background on the Results of Processing Instruction on the Spanish Subjunctive/Indicative Contrast after the Adverb cuando, James F. Lee and Erin McNulty Diaz

Strange but True: On the Counter-Intuitiveness of the Extended Mind Hypothesis, Chauncey Maher and Zed Adams


Conventional Weapons, Arms Control, and Strategic Stability in Europe, Jeffrey D. McCausland

Neogene Rejuvenation of Central Appalachian Topography: Evidence for Differential Rock Uplift From Stream Profiles and Erosion Rates, Scott R. Miller, Peter B. Sak, Eric Kirby, and Paul R. Bierman

Foreward, Wendy Moffat

The Use of Party Brand Labels in Congressional Election Campaigns, Jacob R. Neiheisel and Sarah E. Niebler


Wordsworth as Environmental "Nature" Writer, Ashton Nichols

Teorizzare il Paesaggio, Tra Simbolo e Allegoria, Tullio Pagano

The Graduate Research Consultant Program: Embedding Undergraduate Research Across the Curriculum, Patricia J. Pukkila, Martha S. Arnold, Aijun Anna Li, and Donna M. Bickford

Агитировать и создавать условия: перепланировка города-героя Севастополя, 1944–1953 гг. [To Agitate and to Render Service: Replanning the Hero-City Sevastopol, 1944-1953], Karl D. Qualls


El Retrato Literario en Dos Novelas Ejemplares de Cervantes: El Amante Liberal y La Española Inglesa, Alberto J. Rodríguez

Vicisitudes del Quijotismo en Puerto Rico: La Peregrinación de Bayoán (1863) de Eugenio María de Hostos y La Charca (1894) de Manuel Zeno Gandía, Alberto J. Rodríguez


Bearing Witness, Susan D. Rose

Challenging Global Gender Violence, Susan D. Rose


"It Wasn't A Sweet Life": Engaging Students in Oral History Interviewing Across Race, Class, and Generations, Susan D. Rose

Cervantes Inmortal: Lo Apócrifo en El Quijote y en Borges, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

El Secreto de los Flamencos: Andahazi, Borges y las Matemáticas, Jorge R.G. Sagastume


Why Is Change So Difficult?: Essay on the Challenge of Leading Change as an Administrator, Patrick Sanaghan, Mary Hinton, and Steve Riccio

Hume the Sociable Iconoclast: The Case of the Four Dissertations, Jacob Sider Jost and John Immerwahr


Not All Sponges Will Thrive in a High-CO2 Ocean: Review of the Mineralogy of Calcifying Sponges, Abigail M. Smith; Jade Berman; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; and David J. Winter

Satire and the "Macho Grotesque" in Susana Pagano's Trajinar de un Muerto, Shawn Stein

Cascading Effects of Generalist Fish Introduction in Oligotrophic Lakes, Kristin E. Strock, Jasmine E. Saros, Kevin S. Simon, Suzanne McGowan, and Michael T. Kinnison

Making It Work; Rosemary, Adrienne Su

The Dog Coat, Adrienne Su

High Precision Isotopic Analyses of Lead Ores from New Mexico by MC-ICP-MS: Implications for Tracing the Production and Exchange of Pueblo IV Glaze-Decorated Pottery, Alyson M. Thibodeau, Judith A. Habicht-Mauche, Deborah L. Huntley, John T. Chesley, and Joaquin Ruiz


IODP Expedition 334: An Investigation of the Sedimentary Record, Fluid Flow and State of Stress on Top of the Seismogenic Zone of an Erosive Subduction Margin, Paola Vannucchi, Kohtaro Ujiie, Nicole Stroncik, IODP Expedition 334 Scientific Party, and Peter B. Sak

Rapid Pulses of Uplift, Subsidence, and Subduction Erosion Offshore Central America: Implications for Building the Rock Record of Convergent Margins, Paola Vannuchi, Peter B. Sak, Jason P. Morgan, Ken’ichi Ohkushi, Kohtaro Ujiie, and IODP Expedition 334 Shipboard Scientists

The ‘Church’ of Bourguiba: Nationalizing Islam in Tunisia, Edward Webb


Dominion of the Ear: Singing the Vernacular in Piazza San Martino, Blake McDowell Wilson

Playing with Power: Women and Gender in BDSM Sexualities, Megan R. Yost

Blurring the Line Between Researcher and Researched in Interview Studies: A Feminist Practice?, Megan R. Yost and Jennifer F. Chmielewski

Publications from 2012

Cognitive Spread: Under What Conditions Does the Mind Extend Beyond the Body?, Zed Adams and Chauncey Maher

The Early Years of Negro History Week, 1926-1950, Sarah D. Bair

Body of State: The Moro Affair, A Nation Divided, Marco Baliani, Nicoletta Marini-Maio, Ellen Nerenberg, and Thomas Simpson

"Little Storybook Town": Space and Labor in a Company Town in Colonial Angola, Jeremy R. Ball


We All Like to Think We've Saved Somebody: Sex Trafficking in Literature, Donna M. Bickford

A Developmental Staging Series for the African House Snake, Boaedon (Lamprophis) fuliginosus, Scott M. Boback, Eric K. Dichter, and Hemlata L. Mistry

Snake Modulates Constriction in Response to Prey's Heartbeat, Scott M. Boback, Allison E. Hall, Katelyn J. McCann, Amanda W. Hayes, Jeffrey S. Forrester, and Charles F. Zwemer

Finding History: Research Methods and Resources for Students and Scholars, Christine Bombaro