Publications from 2016


A Matter of Visibility—G. Chr. Lichtenberg's Art and Science of Observation, Antje Pfannkuchen


De 'Niños de la Guerra' a Jóvenes Soviéticos: Educación, Aculturación y Paternalismo, 1939-1945, Karl D. Qualls

Timing of SCH 23390 Administration Influences Extinction of Conditioned Hyperactivity in Mice, Anthony S. Rauhut

Social Meanings and the Cultural Theory of Goods in Michael Walzer's Ethical Anthropology, J. Toby Reiner


Teatro y Derechos Humanos: Representaciones de la Experiencia Migratoria Mexicana en Los ilegales y El viaje de los cantores, Héctor A. Reyes-Zaga


Frostburg Fit, Scenario A: Fair Labor Standards Act, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Frostburg Fit, Scenario A: Fair Labor Standards Act, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio


Frostburg Fit, Scenario B: Employee Conduct/HR Strategy, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Frostburg Fit, Scenario B: Employee Conduct/HR Strategy, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio


Frostburg Fit, Scenario C: Moonlighting, Instructor's Manual, Steve Riccio


Frostburg Fit, Scenario C: Moonlighting, Student Workbook, Steve Riccio

DO THE MATH!: Sugihara's Impossible Cylinder, David S. Richeson

El espectáculo inefable: El circo visto por Ramón Gómez de la Serna, Antonio Rivas Bonillo

Egal, Was Du Sagst, Du Könntest Verschwinden, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

Eine Neue Ära: Egal, Was Du Sagst, Du Könntest Verschwinden; Blutiges Zwielicht; Liebesspiele in den Tagen der Grossen Ordnung, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

Helmut A. Hatzfeld y Leo Spitzer: dos aportaciones a la critíca cervantina en lengua alemana, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

Using Student-Made Posters To Annotate a Laser Teaching Laboratory, Cindy Samet


Galileo’s Moon: Drawing as Rationalized Observation and its Failure as Forgery, Melinda Schlitt


LGBTQ Sport and Leisure, Katherine Schweighofer


Rethinking the Closet: Queer Life in Rural Geographies, Katherine Schweighofer

Clandestine Marriage and the Church: King Horn after the Fourth Lateran Council, Chelsea Skalak

Glaciovolcanism on Earth and Mars: Products, Processes, and Palaeoenvironmental Significance, John L. Smellie and Benjamin R. Edwards


Pretreatment for Removal of Organic Material is not Necessary for X-Ray-Diffraction Determination of Mineralogy in Temperate Skeletal Carbonate, Abigail M. Smith; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; Zoe E. Henderson; V. Christine Davis; and David J. Winter


Glucosinolates from Host Plants Influence Growth of the Parasitic Plant Cuscuta gronovii and Its Susceptibility to Aphid Feeding, Jason D. Smith, Melkamu G. Woldemariam, Mark C. Mescher, Georg Jander, and Consuelo M. De Moraes

College Smart: How to Succeed in College Using the Science of Learning, Nicholas C. Soderstrom and Sam McMillan

More than a Game: Soccer and Social Justice in the Twenty-First Century, Shawn Stein, Amy Bass, Joshua Nadel, and Stephanie Yang


Idols and Underdogs: An Anthology of Latin American Football Fiction, Shawn Stein, Nicolás Campisi, George Shivers, and Richard McGehee

Crossing Boundaries in Early Judaism and Christianity: Ambiguities, Complexities, and Half-Forgotten Adversaries: Essays in Honor of Alan F. Segal, Kimberly B. Stratton and Andrea Lieber

Extreme Weather Years Drive Episodic Changes in Lake Chemistry: Implications for Recovery From Sulfate Deposition and Long-Term Trends in Dissolved Organic Carbon, Kristin E. Strock, Jasmine E. Saros, Sarah J. Nelson, Sean D. Birkel, Jeffrey S. Kahl, and William H. McDowell

The Eighth Annual Ernest May Memorial Lecture: The Pearl Harbor System at 75, Douglas T. Stuart


The Pivot to Asia: Can It Serve as the Foundation for American Grand Strategy in the 21st Century?, Douglas T. Stuart

After the Dinner Party, Adrienne Su

Egg Roll; Xiaolongbao, Adrienne Su

The Chow-Mein Years in Atlanta, Adrienne Su

The Lazy Susan, Adrienne Su


Mercury Anomalies and the Timing of Biotic Recovery Following the End-Triassic Mass Extinction, Alyson M. Thibodeau, Kathleen Ritterbush, Joyce A. Yager, A. Joshua West, Yadira Ibarra, David J. Bottjer, William M. Berelson, Bridget A. Bergquist, and Frank A. Corsetti


Science in Early America: Print Culture and the Sciences of Territoriality, Conevery Bolton Valencius, David I. Spanagel, Emily Pawley, Sara Stidstone Gronim, and Paul Lucier

Five Years Later: Directions in Censorship and Media Freedom in the Middle East and North Africa, Edward Webb

Islamic Social Democracy? Ennahda's Approach to Economic Development in Tunisia, Edward Webb


Monitoring Marcellus: A Case Study of a Colaborative Volunteer Monitoring Project to Document the Impact of Unconventional Shale Gas Extraction on Small Streams, Candie C. Wilderman and Jinnieth Monismith

Listening Contrapuntally; or What Happened When I Went Bach to the Archives, Amy Lynn Wlodarski

European Security: The Missing Piece of European Studies Curriculum in the United States, Andrew T. Wolff

Investigation of a Diabase-Derived Regolith Profile from Pennsylvania: Mineralogy, Chemistry and Fe Isotope Fractionation, Tiffany Yesavage, Gary E. Stinchcomb, Matthew S. Fantle, Peter B. Sak, Alexander Kasznel, and Susan L. Brantley


Making Sense of Positive Self‐Evaluations in China: The Role of Sociocultural Change, Rui Zhang, Kimberly A. Noels, Yanjun Guan, and Liping Weng

Publications from 2015

Parental Health Shocks, Child Labor and Educational Outcomes: Evidence From Tanzania, Shamma Adeeb Alam

Seeing Things Differently: An Experimental Investigation of Social Cognition and Interpersonal Behavior in Anorexia Nervosa, Suman Ambwani, Kathy R. Berenson, Lea Simms, Amanda Li, Freya Corfield, and Janet Treasure


Food Consumption as Affect Modulation in Borderline Personality, Suman Ambwani and Leslie C. Morey

Negative Affect, Interpersonal Perception, and Binge Eating Behavior: An Experience Sampling Study, Suman Ambwani, Michael J. Roche, Alyssa M. Minnick, and Aaron L. Pincus

Andrés Neuman/Grand Séminaire de Neuchâtel, Coloquio Internacional Andrés Neuman, 21-22 de mayo de 2012, Irene Andres-Suárez and Antonio Rivas Bonillo

Heterogeneous Gender Effects Under Loss Aversion in the Economics Classroom: A Field Experiment, Maria Apostolova‐Mihaylova, William Cooper, Gail Hoyt, and Emily C. Marshall

How to Combat Unconcious Bias, Alice Armstrong, Sarah Bryant, Robin McCann, and Kate McGivney


Getting Started with Demand-Driven Acquisitions for E-Books: A LITA Guide, Theresa S. Arndt

Continuing to Pay the “Patriotic Debt”: The Establishment of the Pennsylvania Soldiers’ Orphans Industrial School, 1893–1912, Sarah D. Bair

Inclusive Historical Narratives: Lessons from Mary Ritter Beard and Carter G. Woodson, Sarah D. Bair

From All Sides: Rethinking Professionalization in a Changing Job Market, David M. Ball, William Gleason, and Nancy J. Peterson

Angola's Colossal Lie: Forced Labor on a Sugar Plantation, 1913-1977, Jeremy R. Ball

The Culture of the Quake: The Great Kanto Earthquake and Taishô Japan, Alex Bates

The Wrath of Heaven: The Great Kantō Earthquake and Japanese Cinema, Alex Bates

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Alex Bates, Shawn Bender, Claire Seiler, W. Evan Young, and Shogo Nishikawa

What's the Payoff?: Assessing the Efficacy of Student Response Systems, Zachary D. Baumann, Kathleen Marchetti, and Benjamin Soltoff

Judicial Justice for Special Economic Zone Land Resistance, Heather Plumridge Bedi

Inter-State Competition, Land Conflicts and Resistance in India, Heather Plumridge Bedi and Louise Tillin

Governing Natural Resources for Peace: Lessons from Liberia and Sierra Leone, Michael D. Beevers


Large-Scale Mining in Protected Areas Made Possible Through Corruption: Options For Donors, Michael D. Beevers

Peace Resources? Governing Liberia's Forests in the Aftermath of Conflict, Michael D. Beevers

Overview of the Precursors and Dynamics of the 2012–13 Basaltic Fissure Eruption of Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia, Alexander Belousov, Marina Belousova, Benjamin R. Edwards, Anna Volynets, and Dmitry Melnikov


Marketing Solutions for E-Content, Samantha Bise, Samantha McCulloch, Jessica L. Howard, and Maureen O'Brien Dermott


Snake Constriction Rapidly Induces Circulatory Arrest in Rats, Scott M. Boback, Katelyn J. McCann, Kevin A. Wood, Patrick M. McNeal, Emmett L. Blankenship, and Charles F. Zwemer

Agriculture, Procurement, Processing, and Storage, Maria C. Bruno

Macrorestos botánicos de la Loma Mendoza, Maria C. Bruno

No sólo maíz: el uso diverso de recursos botánicos en la región de Cinti (Bolivia) durante la época prehispánica, Maria C. Bruno and Claudia Rivera Casanovas


Bringing the Social Back to MOOCs, Todd Bryant


Self-Help And Recovery Guide for Eating Disorders (SHARED): Study Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial, Valentina Cardi, Suman Ambwani, Ross Crosby, Pamela Macdonald, Gill Todd, Jinhong Park, Sara Moss, Ulrike Schmidt, and Janet Treasure


Beautiful Male Bodies: Gay and Male Homoerotic Relationships in Caio Fernando Abreu's Morangos Mofados, Carolina Castellanos Gonella


Ejecta, Anthony Cervino and Shannon Egan

The Tolbachik Volcanic Massif: A Review of the Petrology, Volcanology and Eruption History Prior to the 2012–2013 Eruption, T.G. Churikova, B.N. Gordeychik, Benjamin R. Edwards, V.V. Ponomareva, and E.A. Zelenin


Mapping London's Water Companies and Cholera Deaths, Tessa Cicak and Nicola Tynan


From Wahhabi to Salafi, David Commins

Islam in Saudi Arabia, David Commins

Inviting Green Tara: An Illustrated Talk and Tibetan Buddhist Ritual, Daniel G. Cozort and Gomang College Drepung Monastery


Focal Behavior and Performance By Male U.S. Service Academy Cadets: A Preliminary Analysis, Todd A. Crowder and Stephen E. Erfle

Anna in Almaty: Darejan Omirbaev's Shuga (2007), Alyssa DeBlasio


The PRC’s First National Critique: The 1954 Campaign to "Discuss the Draft Constitution", Neil J. Diamant and Xiaocai Feng


Cataloging Aspects of DDA, Kirk Doran

Observations on Lava, Snowpack and their Interactions During the 2012–13 Tolbachik Eruption, Klyuchevskoy Group, Kamchatka, Russia, Benjamin R. Edwards, Alexander Belousov, Marina Belousova, and Dmitry Melnikov

Introduction to the 2012–2013 Tolbachik Eruption Special Issue, Benjamin R. Edwards, Alexander Belousov, Marina Belousova, and Anna Volynets


Mental Causation Is Not Just Downward Causation, Jeff Engelhardt


What Is the Exclusion Problem?, Jeff Engelhardt


What We Talk About When We Talk About Content Externalism, Jeff Engelhardt


Experimental Study of Synchronization of Coupled Electrical Self-Oscillators and Comparison to the Sakaguchi-Kuramoto Model, Lars Q. English, Zhuwei Zeng, and David Mertens


Estimating Fitness Bias in Body Mass Index of Middle School Students, Stephen E. Erfle


On Using a Barter Edgeworth Box to Discuss Efficiency Early in the Semester, Stephen E. Erfle


Skip Counting Bases and Autonomous Motivation, Stephen E. Erfle


Effects of Daily Physical Education on Physical Fitness and Weight Status in Middle School Adolescents, Stephen E. Erfle and Abigail Gamble


Fat Chance: The Line Between Health and Shame is Becoming Increasingly Thin, Amy Erdman Farrell


'“When I Was Growing Up My Mother Cooked Dinner Every Single Day”: Fat Stigma and the Significance of Motherblame in Contemporary United States, Amy Erdman Farrell


A Likely Story: Rhetoric and the Determination of Truth in Polybius' Histories, Scott Farrington

Theorizing Gender in the Wake of Feminist Waves: An Open Letter to the Association, Margaret G. Frohlich

U.S. War Powers, Amy Gaudion, Douglas Lovelace, Andrew Rudalevige, and Douglas T. Stuart

Reappraisal and Deaccessioning: Building for the Future by Removing Some of the Past, James W. Gerencser