Publications from 2019

Nómina cervantina. Siglo XX, 2, José Ángel Ascunce and Alberto J. Rodríguez

'From Cabinda to Cunene': Monuments and the Construction of Angolan Nationalism Since 1975, Jeremy R. Ball

Introduction: Broch's Life and Works, Graham Bartram and Sarah McGaughey

A Companion to the Works of Hermann Broch, Graham Bartram, Sarah McGaughey, and Galin Tihanov


"Lead the District into the Light": Solar Energy Infrastructure Injustices in Kerala, India, Heather Plumridge Bedi

Women and Development-Forced Evictions: Realities, Responses and Solidarity, Heather Plumridge Bedi and Joanna Levitt Cea

Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Governance After Armed Conflict: Sierra Leone and Liberia, Michael D. Beevers

University and College Women's and Gender Equity Centers: The Changing Landscape, Brenda Bethman, Anitra Cottledge, and Donna M. Bickford

Understanding Marge Piercy, Donna M. Bickford


Legacy of Multiple Stressors: Responses of Gastropod Larvae and Juveniles to Ocean Acidification and Nutrition, Samuel Neill Bogan, Julia Brumbaugh McMahon, J.A. Pechenik, and Anthony Pires

Buttressed Beliefs, Informed Action: Black Lives Matter, an Academic Library and Building Critical Community Discourse, Ian Boucher

Case Study: Creating Free Online Branching Games with PowerPoint Skills, Ian Boucher

Individual and Neighborhood Factors Associated with Undiagnosed Asthma in a Large Cohort of Urban Adolescents, Jean- Marie Bruzzese, Sharon Kingston, Katherine A. Falletta, Emilie Bruzelius, and Lusine Poghosyan

Striking the Right Chord: Math Circles Promote (Joyous) Professional Growth, Lance Bryant, Sarah Bryant, and Diana White

The Long-Lasting Impact of EDGE: Testimonials from the EDGE Community, Sarah Bryant, Amy Buchmann, Michelle Craddock Guinn, Susan D'Agostino, and Leona Harris

The EDGE Program: 20 Years and Counting, Sarah Bryant and Jessica Spott

"The Shame of Our Whole Judicial System": George Crockett Jr., the New Bethel Shoot-In, and the Nation's Jim Crow Judiciary, Say Burgin


Genomic Basis of Convergent Island Phenotypes in Boa Constrictors, Daren C. Card, Richard H. Adams, Drew R. Schield, Blair W. Perry, Andrew B. Corbin, Giulia I.M. Pasquesi, Kristopher Row, Melissa J. Van Kleeck, Juan M. Daza, Warren Booth, Chad E. Montgomery, Scott M. Boback, and Todd A. Castoe

A Physically Powerful Woman: Luzia-Homem by Domingos Olímpio, Carolina Castellanos Gonella


Cassandra Rios e a lésbica genuína em Eu sou uma lésbica (1980), Carolina Castellanos Gonella

A Celebration of the EDGE Program's Impact on the Mathematics Community and Beyond, Susan D'Agostino, Sarah Bryant, Amy Buchmann, Michelle Craddock Guinn, and Leona Harris

Mamardashvili on Film: Cinema as a Metaphor for Consciousness, Alyssa DeBlasio

The Filmmaker's Philosopher: Merab Mamardashvili and Russian Cinema, Alyssa DeBlasio

Perverting the ‘Natural’ in José Victorino Lastarria’s ‘El mendigo’: Herderian Manipulations to Contest the Colonial Era and the Portalian Regime to Progress, Angela N. DeLutis-Eichenberger

False Double Consciousness: Hermeneutical Resources from the Rush Limbaugh Show, Jeff Engelhardt and Sarah Campbell


Symmetry Breaking in Symmetrically Coupled Logistic Maps, Lars Q. English and A. Mareno

A Geometric Approach to Multicollinearity, Stephen E. Erfle


An Active-Learning Approach to Visualising Multivariate Functions using Balloons, Stephen E. Erfle


On the Geometry of Linking Production to Cost: The Case for Cobb-Douglas, Stephen E. Erfle

College Student Mortality on U.S. Campuses Compared with Rates While Abroad, Stephen E. Erfle and Amelia J. Dietrich

Enthousiasmos: Essays in Ancient Philosophy, History, and Literature: Festschrift for Eckart Schütrumpf on his 80th Birthday, Scott T. Farrington

Talent, Craft, and Ecstasy: Poetic Forces in Horace and Plato, Scott T. Farrington

It’s Just Notation, Jeffrey Forrester and David S. Richeson

An Orbit Model for the Spectra of Nilpotent Gelfand Pairs, Holley Friedlander, William Grodzicki, Wayne Johnson, Gail Radcliff, Anna Romanov, Benjamin Strasser, and Brent Wessel

Rational Families Converging to a Family of Exponential Maps, Joanna Furno, Jane Hawkins, and Lorelei Koss

Relating Singularly Perturbed Rational Maps to Families of Entire Maps, Joanna Furno and Lorelei Koss


The Record of the Transition From an Oceanic Arc to a Young Continent in the Talamanca Cordillera, Esteban Gazel, Jorden L. Hayes, Andres Ulloa, Aristides Alfaro, Drew S. Coleman, and Michael J. Carr


Pargasite-Bearing Vein in Spinel Lherzolite from the Mantle Lithosphere of the North America Cordillera, Edward D. Ghent, Benjamin R. Edwards, and James K. Russell

Social Activism Italian Style: Building a Community of Practice Through Language Immersion and Civic Engagement While Studying Abroad, Bruno Grazioli


Long-Married Couples Recall Their Wedding Day: The Influence of Collaboration and Gender on Autobiographical Memory Recall, Azriel Grysman, Celia B. Harris, Amanda J. Barnier, and Greg Savage


Methods for Conducting and Publishing Narrative Research With Undergraduates, Azriel Grysman and Jennifer Lodi-Smith


Porosity Production in Weathered Rock: Where Volumetric Strain Dominates Over Chemical Mass Loss, Jorden L. Hayes, Clifford S. Riebe, W. Steven Holbrook, Brady A. Flinchum, and Peter C. Hartsough

The UCLA Multidimensional Condom Attitudes Scale, Marie Helweg-Larsen

Reminders of a Stigmatized Status Might Help Smokers Quit, Marie Helweg-Larsen, Mihir Pyakuryal, and Charlotta Pisinger

Does It Help Smokers If We Stigmatize Them? A Test of the Stigma-Induced Identity Threat Model Among U.S. and Danish Smokers, Marie Helweg-Larsen, Lia J. Sorgen, and Charlotta Pisinger


The Mysterious Spinning Cylinder---Rigid-Body Motion That is Full of Surprises, David P. Jackson, Julia Huddy, Adam Baldoni, and William Boyes

Haiti, Principle of Hope: Parallels and Connections in the Works of C.L.R. James, Derek Walcott, Aimé Césaire, and Édouard Glissant, Philip Kaisary and Mariana F. Past


What Perceptions Do Scientists Have About Their Potential Role in Connecting Science with Policy?, Scott E. Kalafatis and Julie C. Libarkin

We Need a Game Plan: Relations Among Coaching Style, Need Satisfaction, Motivation, and Disordered Eating, Parisa R. Kaliush and Suman Ambwani

"Betwixt Us Two": Whym Chow, Metonymy, and the Amatory Sonnet Tradition, Sarah E. Kersh

Coevolution of Post-Palaeozoic Arthropod Basibiont Diversity and Encrusting Bryozoan Epibiont Diversity?, Marcus M. Key, Jr. and Carrie E. Schweitzer

Carlisle Central Farmers Market: A Social Enterprise Start-Up Facing Failure, Chad M. Kimmel and David M. Sarcone

Language Learning at the Dinner Table: Two Case Studies of French Homestays, Celeste Kinginger and Julia Carnine


SIR Models: Differential Equations that Support the Common Good, Lorelei Koss

L’Italia e il Nuovo Mondo nei film dei fratelli Taviani, Luca Lanzilotta

Gender Politics in the Lobbying Profession, Timothy M. LaPira, Kathleen Marchetti, and Herschel F. Thomas

Quantifying Weathering Rind Formation Rates Using in situ Measurements of U-Series Isotopes with Laser Ablation and Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry, Lin Ma, Anthony Dosseto, Jerome Gaillardet, Peter B. Sak, and Susan Brantley

«Here and There Where the Sun is Born and Dies»: Verga's Heroes and Ourselves, Andrea Manganaro, Howard Batchelor, Laura Celedòn, Marc Morris, and Tullio Pagano

Intersectional Advocacy and Policymaking Across US States, Kathleen Marchetti

Endogenous Growth and Household Leverage, Emily C. Marshall, Hoang Nguyen, and Paul Shea

Writing in the Discipline and Reproducible Methods: A Process-Oriented Approach to Teaching Empirical Undergraduate Economics Research, Emily C. Marshall and Anthony Underwood


Temporal Inflection Points in Decorated Pottery: A Bayesian Refinement of the Late Formative Chronology in the Southern Lake Titicaca Basin, Bolivia, Erik J. Marsh, Andrew P. Roddick, Maria C. Bruno, Scott C. Smith, John W. Janusek, and Christine A. Hastorf

Digital Manipulation of Images of Models' Appearance in Advertising: Strategies for Action Through Law and Corporate Social Responsibility Incentives to Protect Public Health, Caitlin McBride, Nancy Costello, Suman Ambwani, Breanne Wilhite, and S. Bryn Austin

An Experimental Survey of Chaos and Symmetry Breaking in Coupled and Driven Logistic Maps, Houssem Mhiri, Moyi Tian, Erin Wynne, Sean Jones, A. Mareno, and Lars Q. English

Linear Impurity Modes in an Electrical Lattice: Theory and Experiment, M.I. Molina, Lars Q. English, Ming-Hua Chang, and P.G. Kevrekidis

In utero Development of Fetal Breathing Movements in C57BL6 Mice, Mary (Missy) M. Niblock, Alanis Perez, Shahar Broitman, Brigitte Jacoby, Elana Aviv, and Sydney Gilkey


Participatory Social Policies: Diverging Patterns in Brazil and Bolivia, Sara Niedzwiecki and Santiago Anria


Induced Localized Nonlinear Modes in an Electrical Lattice, Faustino Palmero, Jesús Cuevas-Maraver, Lars Q. English, Weilun Li, and Ricardo Chacón

Experimental and Numerical Observation of Dark and Bright Breathers in the Band Gap of a Diatomic Electrical Lattice, F. Palmero, Lars Q. English, Xuan-Lin Chen, Weilun Li, Jesús Cuevas-Maraver, and P.G. Kevrekidis


Ongoing Challenges for Pennsylvania Continuing Care and Life Plan Communities, Katherine C. Pearson and David M. Sarcone

Impact of Ocean Acidification on Growth, Onset of Competence, and Perception of Cues for Metamorphosis in Larvae of the Slippershell Snail, Crepidula fornicata, J.A. Pechenik, Anthony Pires, J. Trudel, M. Levy, T. Dooley, A. Resnikoff, and R.E. Taylor

"General Jackson is Dead": Dissecting a Popular Anecdote of Nineteenth-Century Party Leadership, Matthew Pinsker

U.S. National Security Law: An International Perspective, Harry L. Pohlman


Defining the Ideal Soviet Childhood: Reportage About Child Evacuees from Spain as Didactic Literature, Karl D. Qualls


Stalin's Niños Webinar: Educating Spanish Civil War Refugee Children in the Soviet Union, 1937-1951, Karl D. Qualls

Voluntary Exercise Ameliorates Anxiogenic Effects of Acute Methamphetamine Exposure in Swiss-Webster Mice, Anthony S. Rauhut


Cartografías literarias: anotaciones a propósito de la novela de migración mexicana/ Literary Cartographies: annotations on the Mexican Migration Novel, Héctor A. Reyes-Zaga


"Categorizando" a la migración: Una reflexión sobre Instrucciones para cruzar la frontera de Luis Humberto Crosthwaite, Héctor A. Reyes-Zaga

No Upper Bound: A Conversation with Corrine Yap, David S. Richeson

Tales of Impossibility: The 2000-Year Quest to Solve the Mathematical Problems of Antiquity, David S. Richeson

Revisiting the Relationship Between the Economy and Crime: The Role of the Shadow Economy, Michael Rocque, James W. Saunoris, and Emily C. Marshall

Como una baraja de naipes: el cervantismo de Helena Percas de Ponseti, Alberto J. Rodríguez

Buffon's Language of Heat and the Science of Natural History, Hanna Roman

The Logic of the Invisible: Perceiving the Submarine World in French Enlightenment Geography, Hanna Roman

The Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Mapping Resources to Support an Important Conversation, Susan D. Rose and James W. Gerencser

El abuelo = The Grandfather (nine poems), Jorge R.G. Sagastume


Isaías Lerner: diferentes metodologías en la crítica literaria cervantina, Jorge R.G. Sagastume

Hulu, Streaming, and the Contemporary Television Ecosystem, Kevin Sanson and Gregory Steirer


The Matter of Elizabeth Bishop's Professionalism, Claire Seiler


The Science Behind the ACTN3 Polymorphism, Dana J. Somers, Tiffany A. Frey, and Heather L. Lehman

Environmental Controls on Microbial Diversity in Arctic Lakes of West Greenland, Dana J. Somers, Kristin E. Strock, and Jasmine E. Saros

Playing Fairly: The Satiric Tradition in Football Fiction from Latin America, Shawn Stein

Angry Birds: Mobile Gaming, Gregory Steirer and Jeremy Barnes

Impact by Intention: An Argument for Forensics as a High-Impact Practice, Vincent L. Stephens

Rocking the Closet: How Little Richard, Johnnie Ray, Liberace, and Johnny Mathis Queered Pop Music, Vincent L. Stephens


Response of Boreal Lakes to Changing Wind Strength: Coherent Physical Changes Across Two Large Lakes but Varying Effects on Primary Producers Over the 20th Century, Kristin E. Strock, Jasmine E. Saros, Suzanne McGowan, Mark B. Edlund, and Daniel R. Engstrom


Ginger, Adrienne Su

Personal History, Adrienne Su


On Association and Other Forms of Positive Dependence for Feller Processes, Eddie Tu

Synchrotron X-Ray Tomographic Imaging of Embedded Fossil Invertebrates in Aboriginal Stone Artefacts from Western Australia: Implications for Sourcing, Distribution and Chronostratigraphy, I. Ward; Marcus M. Key, Jr.; M.J. O'Leary; A. Carson; J. Shaw; and A. Maksimenko