Having None of It

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In her third collection, award-winning poet Adrienne Su reflects deeply about the circumstances in which people are forced to remake themselves: as parents, as immigrants, as people whose marriages have ended, as people who've wound up in a place they never intended to settle.

Having None of It includes the following poems:

The Pen, On Not Writing in Cafés, Love, The Countdown, Post, The Grave, Inheritance, Middle of Nowhere, In Spite of Great Difficulty, Some Grandmothers, The Love Boat, The Women and the Girls, Why It Happened, Double Happiness, Breakup, In the Wake, The Amazing Part, Doglessness, Ode to a Lipstick, T.J. Maxx, Having It All, Fricassee au Poulet, March Comes In Like a Lion, 1989, Knowledge, Even the Overachievers Had Barbies, Reading, Men Alone, Housekeeping, The Slightest Sign, In Labor, Goddess/ Sybil/ Lactation Consultant, The Baby Years, Child, Imagining China, The Re-Education of the Intellectuals, ABC, In the Country, Afterwards, Summer, Georgia, The Outer Cape, Harvard, The Yoga Class, The Starving-Artist Years, Late Twenties, The Brain Goddess and the Sex Goddess Meet at Macy's, Animal Mornings, Sestina, The Rift, Takeout, Witness, The Muse as Middle-Aged Man, Renunciation, Chinese, a found poem, In the New World, His Father's Son, Exchange, Nobody Said


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