Living Quarters

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Thought-provoking poems reflect an intimate internal dialogue, addressing among other ideas Is it really safer at home, or are there perils within our closest relationships, in daily domestic ritual? And where is home, when people are constantly moving, marriages dissolving, new relationships beginning and ending? When is a house just a house, and when does it become a home? Living Quarters uses both the structure of a domestic space and the rhythms of the seasons to seek (but not reliably find) order and consolation in life's seeming disorder. Su deftly uses poetic forms to convey meaning in multi-layered works of rare design.

Living Quarters includes the following poems:

I: Earthbound, Chinese Parsley, Contentment, 1980, Kitchen, Sunday Dinner, Asian Shrimp, At the Checkout, Supermarket Fruits, When More is Better, Dessert, In Late November, The Wife, Rosemary

II: Turning in Early, Leisure, Complaint, Insomnia, To Stay in Place, Bronchitis, Affliction, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Practice, Bathtime, The Frost Place, To a Limited Extent, Into a Rock, On Writing

III: Weeding, Backyard, On Being Criticized for Coming from Suburbia, July, Raspberry Patch, Ownership, Grief, Sage, The Rosemary, Outside, Tomatoes, Mortals, April, First Garden, Inclinations

IV: Procrastination, Achievement, Technology, By the Sea, On Seldom Going to the Movies, Land of Plenty, Youth, If Only I'd Met You Earlier, Radiology, Downward Dog, Learning Cursive, Twenty-Two, Adaptation, To a Student Dying Young


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