Theorizing Gender in the Wake of Feminist Waves: An Open Letter to the Association

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Summer 2015





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Letras Femeninas


Favoring the domestic interior; passive; known for her emotional capacity, not her intellect; object of sexual desire without having any of her own; necessarily heterosexual; a father's daughter; existing behind every great man; ángel del hogar: "woman" is a category that scholars of AILCFH have long questioned. Feminist inquiry's capacity to criticize the tyranny of categorical limits doesn't contradict the need to name the experiences of living as a woman; of being assigned to the female sex; of being ignored; of being subject to gender discrimination, oppression and censorship. Questioning essentialist constructs and naming subjectivity are not necessarily opposed, and the coexistence of both practices need not break alliances.


"Theorizing Gender in the Wake of Feminist Waves: An Open Letter to the Association" is the Preface for the Special Issue of Letras Femeninas, Hacia una redefinición del feminismo y los estudios de género en el siglo XXI / Toward a Redefinition of Feminism and Gender Studies in the Twenty-First Century, guest co-edited by Margaret G. Frohlich and Ana Corbalán.

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